Learn To Love Yourself: The Path To A Satisfying Life

Learn to love yourself

We know that a great driver in our lives is love, but Many times we do not understand what love really is and what it gives us

Different cultures, religions and spiritual thoughts of all times agree on the importance of knowing how to love oneself so that later that love can come out of oneself towards others Our world is hungry for love; However, many times we do not understand how to obtain and how to live love.

In the search, we long to receive from others the love that is needed, and it becomes confusing to search for what is not understood, instead, sometimes we are willing to assume suffering and pain, it is possible to feel that we have made a mistake and that love is not always good, or that there is no luck in love.

The importance of self-love

You cannot give what you do not have and it is not viable to perceive or transmit love if we do not understand what love is.

And then… How do we learn to love ourselves if we have not felt loved or our concept of love is wrong?

There are people who confuse self-love with selfishness, but in reality, if love is the protagonist, selfishness would be the antagonist. There is no room for ego within love.

Selfishness always seeks self-interest, self-love is feel an inner plenitude that inspires you to share what you have, even more so if what you have is not material or physical; that becomes something even greater than the physical. By sharing that experience with others we are not left with less, on the contrary, this sharing gives us growth as a human being.

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So, if a person didn’t receive love… Is there a way they can have self-love and feel loved?


Building self-love

No matter the circumstances you have experienced, love is a force that is always at our disposal, like the sun is for our world.

How do we learn to love ourselves? Below I give you some tips to promote self-love:

Sharing the experience with your partner

If you long to have a partner to share with, enjoy every stage of your life, including time alone and live that time to get to know yourself and discover what you really want and expect.

AND If you have a partner but you don’t feel fulfilled, review the previous points, practice them, live them, and think about the changes you can make. When we change, our circumstances change and even the people around us change. Love transforms!

Not just this February 14th. It can always be. It is possible to celebrate love. Love for your life, love for others, love in essence.

If you want to know more about self-love, I invite you to contact me.