Organize Your Time, Reduce Your Anxiety

Worries take up much of the time of the person who suffers from anxiety. We all have obligations, deadlines that require tasks, everyday situations.

Keys to managing time

Therefore, it is essential to know how to organize our time and set goals and objectives.

Main strategies to organize time

Some strategies may be:

1. Responsibilities

You don’t have to take responsibility for everything happens around you. You must let others take responsibility. If you are too perfectionist you must give in to that rigidity. Don’t think that if you don’t do it, it won’t be done well.

2. Be assertive

If you cannot carry out any activity that is imposed on you and that prevents you from doing your tasks, you must say NO. No one will think that you leave aside your responsibilities, you also deserve enjoy your hobbies.

3. Structure your plans

You must do your tasks order of importance. Set a series of daily goals and start by achieving the most important ones. If you can’t do something, nothing happens. You can classify the tasks into:

  • Priority. They must be done every day.
  • Very important. They should be done soon, not necessarily on the same day.
  • Important. They should also be done, although it’s okay to leave them a little.

You have to give the necessary time to each task. Don’t do them in a hurry. The ideal is that you make a schedule. The most interesting thing about organizing your time is that it doesn’t you give option to worries. You are the owner of what you do.

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