Overcoming Anxiety Is Possible (thanks To Your Own Personal Change)

Overcoming anxiety is possible (thanks to your own personal change)

It has happened to all of us at some point. Living with anxiety, not an anxiety related to a stimulus, some experience that scares us, a situation or a person, but get used to living in that constant state of anxiety

Anxiety is an emotional state and also a way of thinking, interpreting, evaluating, which has an impact on your physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Is it an unsolvable condition? Is there no solution beyond drugs? How about we delve deeper into what anxiety really means?

How does anxiety wear us down?

All emotions are useful to the right and necessary degree, and therefore, they are positive Anxiety is usually considered a negative emotion, although in reality this way of categorizing it belongs to the psychiatric field. Anxiety, simply put, is a form of fear that has become widespread. You have become accustomed to living in fear, as if in a constant state of alert.

Fear is positive if you manage it functionally. A functional fear helps you protect your life and the lives of others. Anxiety, on the other hand, as is the case with high stress, has no positive function. Anxiety is having learned to live in fear of everything, in constant worry and anticipation of problems or situations that do not have to exist.

How is anxiety generated?

First of all, it is important to emphasize that we live in a very complicated time in relation to anxiety. The current pandemic we are experiencing and the confinement processes have caused psychological and emotional havoc in the population, which has increased the number of cases with anxiety. However, the most worrying thing is not this, but the number of cases of people receiving anxiety medication when it was not strictly necessary (but that problem could be solved and prevented by learning to understand and manage that anxiety and fear).

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Drug administration is a very delicate matter that in the long term can make it difficult to solve the problem.

For more than 10 years I have been accompanying people as a psychologist and coach in their personal change processes. Since March 2020, the number of people with extra difficulties with anxiety and discouragement have grown alarmingly However, the good news is that these people are managing to reverse their situation thanks to their own personal change (more easily in the case of people who do not take drugs, and with more difficulty and slowness in the case of the latter).

For this very special and important case today, I have left you a very special video where we delve into what anxiety is, where you feel it, and above all how to begin to solve that problem forever thanks to your own personal change. Hit play!

To do?

Anxiety is a state of fear that has become widespread, and The biggest mistake we can make is to associate it with sadness, discouragement or depression The reason why a diagnosis is made according to an “anxious-depressive” condition is because anxiety leads to depression, not because they are the same. Treating such a generalization from a pharmacological point of view may be necessary if the case is acute, but dangerous and limiting in the vast majority of cases.

We become depressed because we get tired of being anxious. And we are anxious because we breathe diaphragmatically, in constant alert and observation. Learn to breathe, understand situations, know how to understand where the emotions precipitating the problem come from how you are managing them, and above all, how you can learn to understand and manage them so that instead of being against you they are in your favor, is the main way for anxiety to be just a fleeting and unpleasant experience instead of a permanent or frequent state in your life.

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If you want to take that step, I make you a very special proposal. At empowermenthumano.com you find a free first step so that we can schedule an exploratory session, get to know each other, discover the original problem, the solution (a stable one that is internalized and part of you forever) and above all see how I can accompany you. Change is only possible if it comes from you. If you want to go deeper, remember that you have the video available above. Lots of encouragement, enthusiasm, commitment and above all trust. Everything will change from your own change.