Small Penis Complex: How To Boost Your Self-esteem

Small penis complex: how to boost your self-esteem

Nowadays, there is a false perception that the penis is a symbol of virility and strength, in addition to having a widespread idea that sex is just intercourse. With this in mind, many men feel self-conscious about the size of their penis.

They worry that it is too short or tight, and that this will prevent them from enjoying sex properly, or that their sexual partner will judge or make fun of them. If this is your case, and you feel that you have a small penis complexcontinue reading this article to uncover some myths about the penis and sex, and thus be able to reinforce your self-esteem.

Is my penis really small?

I’m going to start by talking about objective data: the average length of the erect penis is just over 13 centimeters. This average figure varies depending on the country, ethnicity, generation…

But ultimately, all socks are around that length. This fact may be surprising for men, since according to several surveys, they think that the average is 15 centimeters.

I emphasize that this figure is an average, which means that, for the average to be 13 centimeters, there may be many penises in these studies below that measurement, as well as others with higher measurements. That is to say, the interval may be 8-18 centimeters, 10-16 centimeters…

And what difference does this variety of penises make, if what matters to you is yours? Well, because the absolute majority of the time, the small penis complex arises from comparing oneself to other men with penises. If you were the only man on the face of the earth, how could you interpret that your penis is small, or big? You would have nothing to base that conclusion on.

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Who do you compare yourself to?

What’s more, the problem is also who you compare yourself to. I don’t think most men read about the objective data of the size of their sexual organ, but rather make the comparison with those they see. And where do you most frequently see other men’s penises? In porn.

Porn is the biggest source of sexual myths, in addition to one’s own inexperience or ignorance. Most porn actors have undergone penis enlargement operations, or take substances to enhance their erection, in addition to playing with shots, makeup and lighting. If you compare yourself to porn actors, you are doing it with unreal and artificial situations, which you will never be able to achieve.

The perspective

A factor that is not usually taken into account is the perspective from which you can observe your penis. Normally, you can only see it from either above or from a full-length mirror.

When you look at it from above, you have a very different image of the penis than if you look at it from the side, which makes it look smaller. In the same way, when we see it in the mirror, lighting and posture influence it again, in addition to the fact that the flipped image that this object offers us always distorts the real appearance to a certain extent.

Types of penis

Finally, we must keep in mind that there are two types of penis, a fact that if not known, can cause a lot of complexes. The first type is blood penises, which greatly increase their length and width when erect compared to when they are flaccid, since they can double their size.

Then, the second type are meat penises, which vary little in size between their flaccid state and their excited state, and which, generally, tend to be larger when flaccid than blood penises in the same state. . This fact can make men with a blood penis complex. However, what usually happens is that when erect, the two types of penis have similar measurements.

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Size Matters?

As I mentioned before, part of a man’s concern and anxiety about the size of his genitals is comes from the belief that sexual satisfaction depends on the measurements of your penis.

This is paradoxical, because if a man becomes overwhelmed during sex by the size of his penis and its performance capacity, it is most likely that he will not be able to focus on enjoying himself and will end up having functioning problems (triggers, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation… ). This occurs because anxiety and excitement are incompatible.

To help you with this, I’m back with more information. The vagina measures around 8-10 centimeters, and can grow to 11-12 centimeters when aroused. That is, to begin with, the female genital is smaller than the average erect penis.

Not only that, but the first third of the vagina is the notoriously most sensitive area. In fact, it is where the famous G spot is thought to be, 3-5 cm from the entrance. Practically the same thing happens with the anal rectum: it measures around 15 centimeters, but the most sensitive area is the anal canal, which only measures about 4.

And these data are really only important in terms of sexual satisfaction if we have a coitus-centric idea. Sex is much more than penetration: it can be enjoyed sexually through caresses, kisses, suctions and licks all over the body, seeking the different erogenous zones of each person, including oral sex and mutual masturbation.

How do I boost my self-esteem if I have a small penis complex?

One of the best ways to improve your self-esteem is to inform yourself, and not only you, but also together with your sexual partner. You can uncover myths and misconceptions that make you believe that you don’t measure up and that you should have a bigger penis. Look for information on scientific, psychology or sexology websites, not on disreputable forums or porn. This article may be a good example.

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It is not a matter of opinions or taste, it is simply a reality that a penis does not give more pleasure because it is larger. It’s more, People with very large penises may have more problems having sexbecause they very easily hurt their partners during intercourse.

Another way to improve your self-esteem is to communicate openly with your partner. Convey your insecurities to him/her, chances are he/she will think differently than you (and if not, read this article). Sexual enjoyment depends on your skills, confidence, communication, and desire to explore your own and the other person’s body. The best way to integrate information is to put theory into practice and see reality.

If, despite internalizing this information and continuing to inform yourself, you continue to feel a complex about the size of your penis, we recommend that you go to a psychology and/or sexology specialist.

Psychological-sexual therapy can help you increase your sexual self-esteem, and enjoy your sexual relationships fully.. And the most important sexual organ is the brain, not the genitals.

In this sense, if you need help, count on us. At Psychologist Plus we are here to help you by offering you online therapy.