Support To Chart Your Course: When Is The Time To Go To Therapy?


For Gestalt psychology, one of the most significant contributions in psychotherapy has been the enhancement of Realization, of taking advantage of a state of alert to become aware within the therapeutic process. The idea is that you can put everything in its place, your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs. But also, place your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions on the other.

What belongs to you, what is part of your history, your present or future plans. Just like, if you project onto others or are rationalizing. And the other part, what simply belongs to the other. As human beings we have great ways of expressing ourselves and that is also important to consider in order to take back the reins of your life, your beliefs, values, expectations and how you perceive them. I once shared it like this: You have to take the helm, and during the crossing, loosen the moorings and useless loads.

On that route, we coexist between imagination, fantasy, plasticity and creativity, to recognize what you feel, identify what you think and love what you do. It becomes a process, with many nuances, where you have to let go, flow and live, to avoid getting frustrated, which would be losing your own direction, becoming a ship adrift, likely to run aground. While what you need is to attend to your self-discovery.

A journey into our interior

How are you? Is there something you want to change? Is there something about you that you don’t like? These are the most important points to consider. When you make contact with your experience, you discover that change begins to manifest. Adjusting yourself, to clarify your questions and help you find your own answers and decision making. A route through three visions, realizing the outside world, the inner world and fantasy.

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We come to an interesting aspect, the need to establish real contact with the present moment, remaining attentive to all sensory stimuli, on an external and equally internal level. Thus, it is essential to raise awareness of what you perceive about your environment as well as the physical manifestations, feelings and internal emotions that you experience. What bothers you and what you like about your present reality.

Up to this point, it may be quite obvious. But I tell you, the wonderful power of fantasy will open the doors to your present, when remembering the past or anticipating the future, turning your experience into the most valuable part of your reality. When you allow your creative imagination to flow into your Awareness, you discover, and something new comes out that allows you to respond to your own needs and feelings. Making you aware of your individual process, to issue an appropriate response to your social reality, ready to meet the challenges of each day, accepting the necessary difficulties in learning.


How do you know when it is appropriate to attend psychological therapy?

Even today, there are conflicting beliefs about why to go to a psychologist. It would be important for you to ask yourself if you experience hopelessness, a feeling of sadness, difficulty sleeping, pain. Also consider if you notice anxiety, a feeling of emptiness, or stress. Or, extreme fears, traumas, grieving processes, separation, migratory grief.

It is worth clarifying this to you, because you could notice very demanding situations that make your daily life difficult. Even as simple as not wanting to do daily activities, or feeling confused about what you want to be and achieve in your life.

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In these situations, it is recommended to seek support. Your emotions, added to your thoughts, generate those feelings that are leading you to experience such states, confusion or uncertainty. If you want to redirect your current path, it is essential to define a good diagnosis, which allows you to trace the route to follow.

On that journey, support is essential. Recognizing your support networks is also essential, such as family, friends, links that give meaning to your existence. But hand in hand with professional attention, since this will give you that willingness to listen authentically and guide you along the way.


By connecting with yourself, you will foster continuous enrichment and commitment to your own life. Psychotherapy will only be a support that will allow you to experience and live it, so that you achieve self-knowledge. “Realization” is fundamental to being, but you can only experience it in your own life. It is like the flow between the swaying waves of the sea. Trace your route. Decide to live your life to the fullest!