The 10 Best Apps To Be Happy

The best apps to be happy

The mobile application market offers solutions for a large number of demands in today’s society.

In the health and well-being promotion sector you can also find a wide variety of interesting tools, apps that can help us feel better about ourselves and be happier.

The best apps to promote states of happiness They are those that are developed with the advice of mental health specialists and that use techniques based on scientific evidence to obtain a positive and permanent change in the user. Here we will see a selection of recommendations.

The 10 apps to be happy and boost well-being

Whatever your specific need, if you are looking for the best apps to be happy, in the list below you will find the most recommended ones on the market, as well as a brief description of them. Of course, keep in mind that none of them replace the effects of personalized psychotherapy.



INDYA is a sports nutrition application with which you can receive the best advice and attention in the field of nutrition from qualified professionals, as well as chat with them live and make video consultations whenever you want.

With this tool, increasingly used by amateur athletes and people in general, you will also be able to receive monthly reviews from the nutritionists themselves, as well as personalized resources and advice during the course of training.

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Indya also offers personalized nutrition plans, with the most varied diets and recipes, with the possibility of changing them intelligently at any time. In addition to that, you can also synchronize the app with other applications, observe the progress achieved and the objectives achieved.

2. Be happy 30 days challenge

Be happy 30 day challenge

As its name indicates, it is an application that allows the user to have a series of tools to change the attitude towards life and increase your chances of reaching a state of happiness in about 30 days

Some of these tools are happiness tips based on positive psychology, emotional intelligence exercises, relaxation and meditation audios, self-improvement challenges and many other guidelines with which to increase levels of happiness and well-being. It is available for both iOS and Android.

3. Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Mindfulness Guided Meditation

An ideal application for those people who want to enter the world of Mindfulness or Full Attention a technique whose benefits in improving well-being, as well as in achieving states of relaxation and also in reducing stress and anxiety have been demonstrated.

With this tool, the user will learn exercises that allow them to focus on the here and now for a few minutes, as well as on their own body, getting rid of intrusive thoughts. It is available for free for Android.

4. Happify

Happify is a tool that offers a wide variety of special content based on scientific knowledge of human health to improve the user’s well-being and increase their levels of good mood.

Among the proposals of this application, the activities, games and exercises that influence the improvement of self-esteem, the acquisition of healthy habits, positive thinking and a general improvement of emotional well-being based on positive psychology and other techniques that have extensive experience stand out. scientific evidence.

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5. How to be happy

It is a personal assistant that through a series of questions about the user’s life habits and the way he or she deals with different situations to consequently offer an analysis and different advice to improve in a specific aspect.

How to be happy is a useful tool to improve self-esteem and enthusiasm regarding daily activities and ultimately to improve the user’s happiness levels. This app is free for iOS and Android.

6. Happy

Happier is also based on meditation and especially the Mindfulness technique to instruct the user so that they can acquire a series of mechanics and exercises that allow them to achieve states of relaxation, well-being and happiness.

It is one of the most recommended applications in the field of improving happiness and well-being as a tool for daily use, and it is available in English, both for iOS and Android.

7. Moods

This application is useful for those people who regularly have anxiety symptoms or who feel that this disorder affects their daily life and their emotional state, although it does not replace psychotherapy.

Moods is a tool that allows the person to identify their maladaptive patterns of behavior and thinking and offers efficient solutions to overcome them and adopt positive ways of thinking.

8. Mental Health

Mental Health is an application aimed at all those people who feel that the symptoms of stress, anxiety or sadness They prevent them from developing in a healthy and happy way in their daily lives. It is available for free for Android.

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This tool offers useful tips and solutions to make it easier to overcome forms of emotional distress that may affect a person’s mental health on a daily basis. It does not work like a personal psychologist, so it is advisable to go to a health professional if we have any important problem that needs to be treated.

9. Peaceful

With this application Any user will learn Mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety or stress levels and achieve a state of relaxation and general well-being.

With Pacifica it is possible to have a simple interface that is easy to use by people of almost all ages, using practical relaxation and self-awareness tools to deal with the inconveniences of everyday life.

10. Positive Activity Jackpot

Positive Activity Jackpot is developed by psychology experts by applying the principles of behavioral therapy which seeks to achieve a state of well-being in the person by promoting more adaptive activities and thought patterns.

Again, this application does not replace professional psychological therapy, but it can be useful to improve the user’s mood through the wide variety of games that this app offers.