The 4 Advantages Of Training In A Psychotherapy Center

The advantages of training in a Psychotherapy Center

The moment of obtaining the degree is, for new professionals, a point of great gratification. It is an achievement for which they have invested many hours of dedication and commitment, which is why it is necessary for people to take a moment to celebrate having achieved such a goal.

However, it is common for many graduates to experience some ambivalence after finishing their degree. On the one hand, the satisfaction with themselves for receiving themselves; on the other, a host of unanswered questions; the most frequent of them: and now what should I do? In this article we will explore the answer to this question by exploring the advantages of training in a center that also offers psychotherapy.

The importance of learning the practice if you want to be a psychotherapist

Graduating is synonymous with gratification, but also with inflection, especially for psychology professionals. This is due to different factors. The first of them alludes to the fact of how vast our discipline is. An infinite number of authors have done psychology without even knowing it; Many others have done psychology without having the objects and methods necessary to do scientifically valid psychology. The historical background of psychology could fill entire building libraries. Therefore, The magnitude of the discipline is incomprehensible for the study plans that make up undergraduate training in any faculty in the world.. Additionally, new scientific articles are published every day sharing the latest findings that could change much of what we know about psychology. With this panorama, it is logical that students feel great fear of diving into the workplace.

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There is another factor that makes this a turning point for graduates: the doubt about which branch of psychology they want to pursue. Many opt for clinical psychology, an area that is highly in demand in these times, where statistics on the prevalence of psychopathologies such as anxiety disorders are increasingly alarming — for example, it is estimated that around 31% of adults will experience An anxiety disorder at some point in your life. The point that we are interested in highlighting here is that this factor is closely linked to the first: How can the recent graduate adapt to the demands of current clinical psychology, even though he or she has a lot to learn?

Well, an alternative that many opt for is to continue training in the specific area of ​​interest. It is a decision that denotes genuine interest in becoming up-to-date and responsible professionals. However, there are many places where a psychologist can continue training, including centers that also offer psychotherapy. In this article we will develop the advantages that come with training in a space that also offers this type of services.

Advantages of training at a center that also offers psychotherapy

There are various concerns that affect the recent graduate when he decides to continue his training journey. At this pivotal moment, not only the completion of studies is at stake, but also the acquisition of concrete tools to resolve the conflicts that will be faced in the professional field. This urgency is common in psychologists who have just started their work in the clinic. Fortunately, training in spaces where psychotherapy services are also offered has its great benefits, providing valuable skills for new professionals. Let’s look at them below.

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1. Learn from people with a lot of experience

The first advantage of continuing to train in centers where psychotherapy services are offered is that The teachers that the student will have will also be therapists with many years of experience in clinical matters.. Training in this type of places makes it possible for teachers to share their professional experiences regarding certain clinical cases or situations that they have experienced; the successes they have made in their practice, but also their mistakes, so that the student acquires a clearer vision of what they should or should not do in the office from the hand of someone with greater experience than them.

2. Learn about current psychotherapy models

Although this point will depend on the approach from which the therapists of the center of interest work, it is very likely that the demands of clinical experience have led them to learn the bases of current models of psychotherapy. For this reason, Teachers will be able to transmit their knowledge to students about different therapeutic models.. Although this is not the case in all cases, in other types of institutions it is possible that outdated techniques and interventions remain in force in the curricula.

3. Accessibility to go to therapy

Some models are based on the premise that every therapist must experience a psychotherapy process firsthand before providing the same service. Although we believe that this should not be an arbitrary ruling, it is true that going to therapy as a psychologist can bring the benefit of learn to empathize with patients or consultants, put yourself in their shoes, and also learn from that place how a model works. Training at a center that offers this type of services has the advantage of making it easier and more accessible for the student to go to psychotherapy.

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4. Development of a professional contact network

Ultimately, training at a center that offers psychotherapy allows you to be in permanent contact with colleagues who are dedicated to the same branch of psychology. Linking with people interested in the same area of ​​knowledge means strengthening not only the content acquired, but also the social ties that are established.. This is very useful for a recent graduate, since it will help them develop a network of contacts that can open the doors to new job opportunities for the future or resolve doubts related to their professional work.

Do you want to learn everything about psychotherapy from professionals?

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