The 5 Effects Of Vacations On Your Health And Emotional Rest

The 5 effects of vacations on your health and emotional rest

The vacation period is much more than a few days in which we can allow ourselves to disconnect from work. It is also a phenomenon that provides several benefits to our emotional health.

In this article we will see What are the effects of vacations on our psychological well-being and the way in which it gives us advantages for managing our emotions even without leaving home.

The psychological benefits of vacations

These are the main aspects why having a vacation allows you to enjoy days of emotional rest and can make a difference in your state of mind.

1. The opportunity to get out of the routine

Something as simple as leaving the weekly work dynamic forIt allows us to more easily get rid of a good part of those thoughts that usually run through our heads, generating stress and worries.

As we spend more time without being surrounded by that which constantly reminds us that we have many things to do, it is easier to remain in a state of calm.

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2. The possibility of disconnecting from social networks

Several studies indicate that many people tend to feel negative affect with the sustained use of social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, digital platforms that lend themselves to being visited especially in “dead time” between one responsibility and the next

On vacation, it is much easier to focus our attention on much more stimulating tasks in an uninterrupted manner, replacing those moments of moving from one photograph to the next without really knowing what we get from such an experience.

3. An opportunity to connect with your family

The holiday period is a very good time to strengthen family relationships that may have been affected by the lack of moments together throughout any given weekday.

4. Helps fight stress

Statistically, the holiday period It goes hand in hand with a reduction in the level of stress perceived by oneself, as well as a decrease in cortisol in the blood, which is the hormone associated with stress. Gaining control over our time is a great help when it comes to better managing our emotions.

5. It allows you to improve physical health and, by extension, emotional health

Emotional well-being is always linked to physical well-being Therefore, having more time to move around and even to cook healthy dishes (instead of having to settle for the dishes sold by nearby stores and restaurants) is a great advantage.

In fact, it is proven that in Western societies in general, the vacation season is associated with a decrease in the diameter of the abdomen and the Body Mass Index. And as a consequence of being better physically, we are more likely to be better emotionally.

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Some final advice

To get the most out of your vacation from a psychological and emotional point of view, follow these tips.

1. Consider the possibility of traveling alone

Many people feel pressured by the idea of ​​having to conform their vacation expectations to the plans of others. Let’s think, for example, of a group of young people who plan to rent a vacation apartment on the coast to party together almost every night. Given this, Peer pressure can lead several people to accept that this will be the way they spend several of their vacation days.

However, the key is not to settle just for the fear of experiencing rejection: that break of free time is a precious asset that we should be able to dedicate to whatever we want. Therefore, the idea of ​​traveling without company by choosing the destination ourselves is a perfectly valid plan and one that should not cause problems in terms of relationships with others; You just have to honestly communicate that it is not about being away from those people in our closest circle, but about having freedom when deciding what to do.

2. Stay away from misleading comparisons

Social media is full of idealized vacations ; If we take them seriously as a true reflection of how people enjoy their days off, it’s easy to feel bad.

Therefore, it is best to avoid evaluating everything from the perspective of someone who only dedicates themselves to comparing what happens to them during their vacation days, on the one hand, and the stereotype of a paradise vacation, on the other.

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3. If you stay at home, do moderate exercise

Not leaving our city is also a perfectly valid option Of course, given that perhaps we will not have reasons to be away from home constantly, as would occur in the case of traveling. It is important not to neglect exercise.

There are several activities that will allow you to exercise your muscles and keep your joints working without having to go far, and you can do several of them in a well-ventilated room.

4. If you are experiencing a bad time, go to professionals

Many people arrive on the first day of vacation having carried significant stress for months due to the pressure of work. In cases like this, surely the simple fact of having free time will improve things, but to further reinforce the process of emotional improvement, you can take advantage of it to go to the psychologist.

Through the work carried out in the consultation, It is possible to learn to detect the problems that were causing psychological wear and to better manage emotions, also evaluating alternatives to the job one has.

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