The 60 Best Phrases Of Rosa Luxemburg

Quotes by Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was a Polish Marxist theorist of Jewish origin, born in the city of Zamosc during the year 1871.

Luxemburg was the leader of the Social Democratic party of the Kingdom of Poland and for a time was one of the most important women of her time. Throughout her life she made some speeches of great importance and today, many people still support some of her most relevant ideas.

If you are interested in knowing more about this thinker or would like to discover some of her most interesting reflections, keep reading; here you will find a selection of phrases by Rosa Luxemburg.

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Rosa Luxemburg’s most memorable phrases

These are some of the most famous and interesting reflections and phrases of the renowned Rosa Luxemburg.

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1. Without general elections, without freedom of the press, without freedom of expression and assembly, without the free struggle of opinions, life in all public institutions becomes extinct, it becomes a caricature of itself in which only bureaucracy remains. as an active element.

According to Rosa Luxemburg, European society in those times was corrupt, infected by a ruling class that was completely capable of doing with the most humble people everything it wanted.

2. Tomorrow the revolution will rise again, ringing its weapons and to its horror it will proclaim with the sound of trumpets: I was, I am and I will be!

The moral principles considered most basic had to prevail above everything, and above all they had to prevail over all those oligarchs who until then did not allow their correct development.

3. We must not forget that history is not made without greatness of spirit, without high morality, without noble gestures.

Only by carrying out great deeds will society be able to become a better version of itself in the future, this is something that Rosa Luxemburg always had in mind, like many other great thinkers of the time.

4. Regarding the seizure of power by socialism, Lenin, Trotsky and their friends were the first, those who led the way as an example for the world proletariat; They are still the only ones, so far, who can clamor with Hutten.

As we can see in this quote Rosa Luxemburg He had great admiration for other great leaders of the time such as Lenin or Trotsky.two historical figures without whose important participation modern politics would undoubtedly be totally different.

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5. The essence of political freedom depends not on the fanatics of justice, but on the invigorating and beneficial effects of dissidents. If freedom becomes a privilege, the essence of political freedom will have been broken.

The most important right that we all possess as people is undoubtedly the right to freedom, because without freedom it is totally impossible for a person to lead a minimally dignified life.

6. Whoever renounces the fight for socialism, also renounces worker mobilization and democracy.

Socialism was seen by this political ideology as the only way out, the only way of understanding society that over time would undoubtedly be able to improve the lives of all the people residing in a nation.

7. Whoever desires the strengthening of democracy must also desire the strengthening, and not the weakening, of the socialist movement.

For Luxembourg, socialism and democracy should always go hand in hand, otherwise both ideologies would really only be perverted.

8. The thirst for knowledge demonstrated by the working class is one of the most notable cultural manifestations of the contemporary class struggle.

The people of those years were eager to learn and therefore as education was served to the masses, there were many families throughout Europe who went from belonging to the humble class to being part of the well-known middle class.

9. It is up to us to defend, not only socialism, not only the revolution, but also world peace… Peace is the world revolution of the proletariat.

For a society to evolve efficiently, it must undoubtedly be at peace with the rest of the world, since wars in the vast majority of cases only tend to mean a great waste of both lives and resources for a nation.

10. In a moral sense, the struggle of the working class is also an index of the cultural renewal of society.

Times change and society changes with them, it is something totally logical and understandable that when the time comes, some people will make the decision to rebel against the difficult situation they were unjustly going through.

11. The justice of the bourgeois classes was once again like a net that allowed the voracious sharks to escape, trapping only the small sardines.

Justice in those years was not as fair as it should be because, as we can imagine, the powerful always managed to get their way in the end.

12. From the trunk of this defeat future victory will blossom.

Luxembourg was always very positive, she knew that the victory of socialism as an ideology in the end was something that had to happen sooner or later.

13. I know that the Bolsheviks also have some errors, their oddities, excessive intransigence, but I fully understand them and justify them.

As human beings, no one is completely perfect, which is why Luxemburg understood that it was very normal that some left-wing leaders could also make certain mistakes from time to time.

14. The most exemplary dictatorship of the proletariat and a flourishing socialist economy should be imposed. Because of their defined revolutionary position, their exemplary strength in action, their unwavering loyalty to international socialism, they did everything possible in such devilishly difficult conditions.

For this idealist of the most revolutionary socialism, the people as a whole should always have control over all the resources of the nation.

15. The masses are the decisive element, they are the pillar on which the final victory of the revolution will be built.

Ultimately numbers always make strength, which is why the decision of the majority must always prevail within a given society.

Rosa Luxemburg

16. The proletarian revolution should shed a ray of goodness to illuminate the sad life of prisons, reduce draconian sentences, abolish barbaric punishments – chains and whippings – improve as much as possible medical care, food and working conditions . It’s a matter of honor!

Society at that time was organized in a totally unfair and partisan way, which is why it simply seemed a matter of time before the people decided to take up arms.

17. Democracy is indispensable for the working class, because only through the exercise of its democratic rights, in the struggle for democracy, can the proletariat become aware of its class interests and its historical task.

Democracy is undoubtedly one of the most supported political systems today and as we can see in this revealing quote, the Marxist theorist Rosa Luxemburg was already fighting for it at the beginning of the 20th century.

18. It would be asking something superhuman of Lenin and his comrades to expect that in such circumstances they apply the most decanted democracy.

On more than one occasion, Luxembourg justified many of the measures that the socialist regime decided to take in Russia, although many of these were usually viewed with very bad eyes by a large part of the European population.

19. The working class will not be in a position to create its own science and art until it has emancipated itself from its current situation as a class.

Without schooling the working class would never be able to prosper, which is why the revolutionary leaders decided to focus a large part of their speeches on the mandatory nature of education for all boys and girls.

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20. The problem could only arise in Russia. It couldn’t be resolved. And in this sense, the future everywhere belongs to Bolshevism.

The Russian revolution undoubtedly set a precedent never before contemplated in Europe and that precedent was none other than that if the people decided to take up arms, it was simply unstoppable.

21. The most notable thing about this is that all those affected, the whole of society, consider and treat the crisis as something outside the sphere of human will and control, a strong blow delivered by an invisible and greater power.

According to this thinker’s criteria, the common people were not the ones who had to pay the consequences of a possible economic crisis, since it had been the bourgeoisie who, through speculation, had forced its appearance in the first instance.

22. If the dictatorship of the proletariat was or still is, it is only due to the way of acting of the German proletariat, in turn a distorted expression of the socialist class struggle.

If the proletariat had taken up arms throughout Germany, there would have been nothing at that time that could have stopped it and being fully aware of this, Luxembourg did not stop encouraging the masses in order for a revolution to take place.

23. You have to turn a world upside down. But every tear that flows where it could have been avoided is an accusation; and it is a criminal who, with brutal unconsciousness, crushes a poor worm.

For Rosa Luxemburg, the world was tremendously unjust at that time and therefore, the socialist revolution was an inevitable fact that was simply forced to occur.

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24. This is not a question of this or that secondary tactical question, but of the proletariat’s capacity for action, its strength to act, its will to take the power of socialism as such.

The united proletariat represents one of the most powerful forces that exists in society, since as is known, victory usually resides in numerical superiority.

25. For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.

Freedom is the most precious asset that we all possess as human beings; if we were the possessors of this right we would simply end up becoming mere slaves of a ruling class.

26. Everything that happens in Russia is understandable and reflects an inevitable succession of causes and effects, which begins and ends with the defeat of the proletariat in Germany and the invasion of Russia by German imperialism.

There were many reasons that finally drove the revolution and German imperialism was undoubtedly one of its most powerful triggers at that time.

27. History is the only infallible teacher, and revolution the best school for the proletariat.

The revolution was an event that in those years seemed simply unstoppable, and as many will discover with the passage of time, it would finally materialize in a relatively successful way.

28. In the policy of the Bolsheviks we must distinguish the essential from the non-essential, the core from accidental excrescences. At the present time, when decisive struggles await us all over the world, the question of socialism was and remains the most burning problem of the time.

As a marchist theorist, Luxemburg knew very well that socialism was not free from errors, because as many of us already know, there is nothing created by human beings that is totally perfect.

29. From being the engine of capitalist development, militarism has become a capitalist disease.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the main capitalist nations had focused largely on their militarization, something that, as we can see in this quote, Rosa Luxemburg did not like at all.

30. The capacity for action is what is essential and lasting in Bolshevik politics. In this sense, his is the immortal historical award of having led the international proletariat in the conquest of political power and the practical location of the problem of the realization of socialism, of having taken a great step forward in the world struggle between capital and job.

As we discover in this quote, Luxembourg throughout his life always praised with great fervor all the great deeds that the socialists carried out in those times. The revolution, as we can imagine, was undoubtedly a great breath of fresh air, for all those people who at that time They lived below the poverty line.

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31. Although workers create the social substrate of this culture with their hands, they only have access to it to the extent that said access serves the satisfactory performance of their functions in the economic and social process of capitalist society. .

We must be aware that in those times only the children of wealthy people could go to school; humble people, on the other hand, normally began to work from their earliest childhood.

32. Let the German government socialists claim that the Bolshevik government of Russia is a distorted expression of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

At the beginning of the 20th century, many countries had their own revolutionary thinkers. and although in some nations they manage to prosper, in others they did not have the same fortune.

33. Leadership has failed. Even so, leadership can and must be regenerated from the masses.

At that time, the socialist revolutionaries were great defenders of the democratic system, something that unfortunately some seemed to forget over the years.

34. A model proletarian revolution in an isolated country, exhausted by the world war, strangled by imperialism, betrayed by the world proletariat, would be a miracle.

For a revolution to be carried out, a large number of coincidences must occur, otherwise sooner or later it will end up being crushed by the ruling class.

35. The entire force of the modern labor movement rests on scientific knowledge.

When the revolution arrived, thinkers and scientists were treated with great respect, since many revolutionaries were aware that it was these people who would later have to rebuild their society.

36. It is in the feat of Bolshevism – as always in the great historical connections – specific errors and mistakes disappear without a trace.

Certainly socialist leaders are not exempt from making mistakes, but for this revolutionary the end was something that undoubtedly justified the means.

37. In every class society, intellectual culture (art and science) is a creation of the ruling class.

Information, as they say, is power and precisely for this reason, people with more culture in one way or another always end up controlling society.

38. Only the resolute and consistent class consciousness of social democracy is the only one that can unleash this energy of the masses and shape it as a decisive factor in political life.

As Rosa Luxemburg tells us in this quote, in order to take a first step towards social democracy, the working class will always have had to become aware of its own existence.

39. Socialism or barbarism.

As we see, for this famous thinker, Socialism was the fairest form of organization that any society could adopt, a thought that is still supported today by millions of people around the world.

40. The Bolsheviks proved capable of giving everything that can be asked of a genuine revolutionary party within the limits of historical possibilities. They are not expected to perform miracles.

Certainly the rise of the Bolsheviks was very important in those times, the speeches of some thinkers such as Lenin, Engels and Trotsky managed to captivate the hearts of millions of people.

41. The most notable thing about this is that all those affected, the whole of society, consider and treat the crisis as something outside the sphere of human will and control, a strong blow delivered by an invisible and greater power, a test sent from heaven, similar to a great thunderstorm, an earthquake, a flood.

The crash of ’29 was a great economic crisis that undoubtedly changed everything in its path because even in the richest countries such as the United States, many people went from wearing a suit and tie to having to go through severe hunger.

42. Freedom, only for members of the government, only for members of the Party, although very abundant, is not freedom at all.

Although after the revolution the Russian bourgeoisie was extinguished, a new ruling class quickly emerged in its place, and this class of course is none other than the civil service itself.

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43. Economic liberalism is the free fox in the free henhouse.

Economic liberalism can be a very dangerous double-edged sword, since we must be very aware that there are many factors that can turn a given fact into a negative or positive one for a society.

44. They want to point out as new discoveries all the distortions that were prescribed in Russia, such as necessity and compulsion, which are ultimately only a secondary product of the bankruptcy of international socialism in the current world war.

Over the years, socialism has proven on more than one occasion to be a type of organization with several defects to be polished and it is largely due to this that currently this type of society is becoming increasingly rare.

45. The masses have risen to the occasion, they have made this defeat one more piece of that series of historical defeats that constitute the pride and strength of international socialism.

After years of struggle, socialism finally managed to take power in certain regions of Europe, something that was undoubtedly a great relief for many of the supporters of this form of social organization.

46. ​​The danger begins when they make a virtue of necessity, and want to freeze in a finished theoretical system all the tactics that they have been forced to adopt in these fatal circumstances, recommending them to the international proletariat as a model of socialist tactics.

Depending on our nationality, our personal idea of ​​what the proletariat represents can be totally different, which is why socialist ideas in those times did not catch on in certain countries.

47. It is necessary to prepare the masses in such a way that they follow us with complete confidence.

Only with blind trust on the part of its executors can a socialist revolution prosper, which is why Rosa Luxemburg always placed special emphasis on the fact that all revolutionary idealists should strive to obtain complete trust from the masses.

48. We are all subject to the laws of history, and the socialist order of society can only be established internationally.

In this quote a very important premise of the socialist system is revealed to us, and that is that it can only function correctly if it receives the support of the international community.

49. Although workers create the social substrate of this culture with their hands, they only have access to it to the extent that said access serves the satisfactory performance of their functions in the economic and social process of capitalist society. .

Capitalism can be seen as an unsupportive organizational system, since as many of you may already know, currently 90 percent of the world’s wealth is owned by just a few men and women.

50. The power of the proletariat is founded on its class consciousness, on its revolutionary energy, which is given birth to by that consciousness, and on independent politics.

All the revolutionary men and women of those times knew very well that there was nothing that could stop the strength of an alienated mob, and that is why all their speeches were always focused on a possible awakening of the working class.

51. He who does not move does not feel the chains.

For this famous politician It was incomprehensible that some people were not aware of the difficult situation they were going through.and therefore through these types of phrases she tried to infect them with her revolutionary fervor.

52. When they act by hiding their genuine and unquestionable historical role under the rubbish of false steps that necessity forced them to take, they render a poor service to the international socialism for which they fought and suffered.

The triumph of socialism in those years at the beginning of the 20th century was something that required a great effort on the part of many people, and many men and women even had to give their lives so that the revolution could triumph.

53. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for those who think differently.

We must learn to respect the ideas of others, since this is the only possible way if we want them to also respect our own ideas.

54. The goal of class culture is partly to ensure direct satisfaction of the needs of the social process, and partly to satisfy the intellectual needs of the ruling class.

Thinking that we belong to a certain social class depending on the breast in which we are born is a total mistake, since each of us are totally free as individuals to ascend (via meritocracy) on the social ladder.

55. In this eruption of social division within bourgeois society, in the international deepening and exaltation of class antagonism lies the historical merit of Bolshevism.

For Luxembourg It was a great achievement that the working class had managed to become aware of its own existencea fact that is undoubtedly totally essential for it to achieve total control of society in the future.

56. One cannot but be firm as a rock in the face of that shapeless and gelatinous mass that is Menshevik opportunism.

When the revolution arrived, some people decided to make their fortune using it, something that for this woman leader of the Social Democratic party was simply an aberration.

57. Order reigns in Berlin! Stupid lackeys! His order is built on sand.

As a staunch Marxist that Rosa Luxemburg was, she knew very well that nothing existed at that time that could stop a possible armed and combative revolution of the working class.

58. There is only one way to impose and safeguard peace: the victory of the socialist proletariat!

For Rose of Luxemburg, the revolution of the proletariat was something that simply had to happen, even regardless of the fact that some people could end up suffering serious consequences.

59. If capitalist production has in itself an unlimited market, that is, if production and the market are identified, crises, conceived as cyclical manifestations, are inexplicable.

Although capitalism has proven over time to be an adaptable form of organization, no one knows for sure what will happen to it in the future.. Some economists today already predict that a possible stock market crash worse than that of ’29 may be much closer than we imagine.

60. There is no socialism outside the international solidarity of the proletariat and there is no socialism outside the class struggle.

For a socialist system to be able to move forward in the modern world, it must undoubtedly have the support of the international community, otherwise sooner or later it will inevitably suffer some type of shortage.