​The 8 Benefits Of Online Couples Therapy

Relationships are not always easyand it is normal for them to experience stages in which difficulties and conflicts may arise between the members, since each one has their own needs, their tastes, their insecurities and their vision of the world.

In reality, some people have a mistaken idea of ​​what love is and what it means to be in a relationship, largely fueled by movie scripts, since it seems that people are predestined to be together without taking into account the factors that favor or do not favor well-being in the couple. In everyday life and on a day-to-day basis, reality is very different, and communication and negotiation skills often determine success in a relationship.

Online couples therapy: ideal for bringing couples back together

Scientific studies conclude that couples therapy is one of the most useful psychotherapy offers, but many couples are not aware of its benefits and that it helps improve the level of satisfaction within the relationship and restores the happiness of the members if They are going through a bad patch.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that for couples therapy to be effective it is necessary Make a commitment to attend your sessions consistently and actively participate in your progress; For example, this means that to overcome a crisis due to infidelity, before the first session it is necessary that the person who has committed the infidelity has interrupted his meetings with the third person.

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Furthermore, maintaining the relationship does not always have to be the goal to achieve; Sometimes, the best thing for both is for it to end, but in cases like this it is possible to aspire to a resolution that harms both as little as possible or even that allows the relationship to continue outside the framework of romantic relationships.

Unlike other types of psychotherapy, it is not necessary to have received any diagnosis to go to a psychologist, since therapeutic sessions revolve around the relationship and not the individual.

Benefits of online couples therapy

However, due to the stigma that comes with going to a psychologist and the shame that some individuals feel, certain people miss this opportunity to improve and enjoy love again. Luckily, online couples therapy offers confidentiality, intimacy and comfort, providing numerous benefits.

But, What are the advantages of going to online couples psychotherapy? In the following lines we explain it to you.

1. All the benefits of online therapy

New technologies have allowed new ways of offering psychological therapyand it is no longer necessary to go to a psychology clinic to attend therapeutic sessions with your partner because it is possible to receive psychological assistance from your computer, tablet and even smartphone.

Online therapy is increasingly popular and research supports its effectiveness. As we explain in our article “The 10 benefits of an online psychologist”, the advantages of remote psychotherapy are:

2. Improve communication

Many relationship problems have their origin in poor communication. (whether by the receiver, the message or the sender), since this not only generates conflicts, but efficient communication allows them to be solved.

Online couples therapy offers patients the possibility of learning the communication skills necessary for the good progress of the relationship, since knowing how to empathize with the other member of the couple, pay attention to their opinion and negotiate avoids many problematic situations and helps Prevent toxic relationships. Likewise, learning to be assertive is key so that love does not fade away and allows you to strengthen emotional ties and improve them.

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3. Helps overcome specific crises that could escalate

The daily conflicts of life as a couple can often increase over time if they are not resolved in due time. It may also happen that both members do not interpret the conflict in the same way or have different beliefs about some aspects of the relationship.

It is not necessary to go to couples therapy only when you have already hit rock bottom and a breakup is close, but treatment can be carried out at any time during the relationship and in the event of any problem that affects the couple, no matter how minor it may seem. . Online couples therapy helps improve satisfaction between members; for example, by learning negotiation skills that are basic to improve communication.

4. It allows you to overcome problems in intimate relationships

Intimate moments with your partner have a very important role in the unity and stability of the couple. and influence the emotional health of its members. Hugs, displays of affection, and moments of intimacy help develop a unique connection.

The origin of problems in a relationship can be many. One of them is sexual problems, which cause shame, guilt, feelings of failure and other negative emotions.

These problems not only affect the person who suffers from them, but their partner as well. Whether due to sexual dysfunctions (for example, sexual arousal disorder, pain disorders, etc.) or monotony, in couples therapy it is possible to find solutions to these difficulties and, in this way, increase the union between the actors of the relationship. the relationship.

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5. Overcome infidelity

One of the fundamental values ​​to build a stable love relationship and a marriage is fidelity., which is why many couples seek psychological help when infidelity has occurred in the sexual and love sphere. Infidelities can occur for many reasons, for example, monotony and boredom. It is possible to prevent this situation before it happens through online couples therapy.

Likewise, in cases in which the unfaithful act has already been committed, remote psychotherapy is a good alternative to regain the stability of the couple.

6. Helps get future plans back on track

It is not essential to have the same points of view on everything for a relationship to work; nevertheless, agreeing on fundamental values ​​and having common goals and ambitions does positively affect the relationship. Each person has their own scale of values, but it is necessary for a relationship to follow a direction in which both people feel good and are committed. Online couples therapy helps you work on that joint path.

7. Fight distancing with your partner

When conflicts arise, it is common for the relationship to erode and the members to distance themselves. if no solution is found. Feeling offended when things don’t go the way you want is quite common in interpersonal relationships, and discomfort can cause enormous resentment when some problems are not put to an end.

Online couples therapy helps to find the balance between the needs and desires of each individual that forms the relationship, and in this way it is possible to avoid reproaches and prevent conflicts from becoming greater and the tension from becoming so great that the relationship ends up breaking.

8. Increases satisfaction and happiness within the relationship

Conflicts with our partner hurt us more than confrontations with other people and cause more passionate and emotional reactions.

Love is a magical feeling, but When relationship problems arise, emotional pain and deep discomfort can lead to confusion. and emotional imbalance that can affect our daily lives and our daily activities, such as work

This form of therapy, by helping the couple feel together again, improves the well-being and happiness of the participants in the relationship and recovers those positive feelings that may be hidden.

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