The Best Names For Brawl Stars

Discover a wide variety of names for Brawl Stars that will stand out in your games. From fun and epic names to options inspired by animals, technology and the mystical. Find the perfect name for your heroes and bring your in-game strategy to life.

name for brawl stars

Examples of names for Brawl Stars

In the exciting world of Brawl Stars, choosing a suitable name can make all the difference in your games. Here you will find tips and ideas to help you find the perfect name for your character in the game.

funny names

These names add a touch of humor and fun to the game. Ideal for making smiles while you play.

  • ExplosioMania
  • StarLaughter
  • CannonTwirl
  • Crazy Tornado
  • NaughtyStar

Epic names for Brawl Stars

Explore names that evoke greatness and heroism. Perfect for powerful characters on the battlefield.

  • CosmicDragon
  • Star Sentinel
  • RagingStorm
  • Galactic Sword
  • TitanLegendary

Animal names

Looking for names based on creatures? These animal-themed ideas will add a wild touch to your game.

  • Brave Panther
  • CosmicWolf
  • Fierce Eagle
  • StarTiger
  • CosmicLion

Technological names

For science fiction lovers, these futuristic names are perfect for modern, advanced heroes.


  • CyberPulse
  • RoboStelar
  • NanoBlaster
  • QuantumX
  • TechnoNebula

mystical names

Explore names that suggest magic and mystery. Ideal for characters with special and enigmatic abilities.

  • CosmicSpell
  • EnchantedMoon
  • ArcaneStar
  • EpicShadow
  • StarDruid

Names for Brawl Stars in English

  • Starburst
  • Thunderstrike
  • shadowblade
  • GalacticGunner
  • CosmicWraith
  • BlazeFury
  • NovaGuardian
  • LunarRaptor
  • PhoenixBlaze
  • TechnoViper
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Brawler names

Brawlers in Brawl Stars are playable characters with unique abilities. Each has a distinctive name that reflects their personality and combat style. Here are some of the most popular Brawler names in the game:

  • Shelly: The Shotgun Expert
  • Nita: The Bear Hunter
  • Colt: The Fast of the West
  • Bull: The mighty bull
  • Jessie: The Builder
  • Brock: The Arsonist Gunner
  • Dynamike: The Demolitionist
  • Bo: The Poacher
  • Tick: The exploding robot

These names highlight the special characteristics and abilities of each Brawler, adding a touch of personality to the game. Additionally, many players choose to customize the names of their Brawlers, adding additional elements that make them even more unique.