The Best Names For Dinosaurs

Explore the fascinating variety of names for dinosaurs, ideal for toys, educational projects or games. Find inspiration in these names that evoke greatness and diversity of these prehistoric creatures.

Name for a dinosaur

Dinosaur name ideas with meanings

Immerse yourself in the age of the dinosaurs with these evocative and meaningful names. These names are ideal for giving personality and character to your toy, story or imagination dinosaur.

Names based on physical characteristics

  • Roar (Spanish): Perfect for a dinosaur known for its powerful roar.
  • Rex (English): An iconic name meaning “king”, ideal for a large predator.
  • Feather (Spanish): For a dinosaur with feathers, like Archeopteryx.
  • Bronto (English): Inspired by the Brontosaurus, known for its enormous size.
  • tooth (Spanish): For a dinosaur with prominent teeth, such as Tyrannosaurus rex.

Names inspired by nature

  • Fern (English): In honor of ancient plants such as ferns.
  • lagoon (English): Inspired by the ancient lakes where dinosaurs lived.
  • Sauropodium (Spanish): For a long-necked herbivorous dinosaur.
  • Jurassic (English): A reminder of the geological era where the dinosaurs lived.
  • Cretaceous (Spanish): In honor of the Cretaceous period, dominated by dinosaurs.

Names based on mythology

  • Tiamat (English): The name of a goddess in Mesopotamian mythology.
  • Draco (English): Inspired by the dragons of European mythology.
  • Quetzal (Spanish): In honor of Quetzalcoatlus, a giant pterosaur.
  • Cyclops (Spanish): For a dinosaur with only one eye, like Cyclops.
  • Hydra (English): In reference to the hydra from Greek mythology.
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Names of famous dinosaurs

  • Tyranno (English): Inspired by Tyrannosaurus rex, the king of the dinosaurs.
  • Tricey (English): In honor of the Triceratops, known for its three horns.
  • Steggy (English): Based on Stegosaurus, with its distinctive dorsal plates.
  • Abductor (English): For an agile dinosaur like the Velociraptor.
  • dippy (English): Inspired by Diplodocus, known for its long neck and tail.

Names that reflect the prehistoric era

  1. Primordium (Spanish): In reference to the early times of the Earth.
  2. Genesis (Spanish): Symbolizing the beginning of life and diversity.
  3. prehistoric (English): For a dinosaur that lived in prehistoric times.
  4. Fossil (Spanish): Remembering the fossilized remains of dinosaurs.
  5. Jurassic (Spanish): In honor of the geological era known for the dinosaurs.


Dinosaur names in Spanish

Dinosaur names

Dinosaur names in Spanish offer us a unique insight into these impressive prehistoric creatures. Discover the creativity and originality that hides behind the names in our language.

Creative names in Spanish

  • Diamond Peak
  • Oath
  • Swift Claw
  • dragon tree
  • Fire Fang

Simple names for dinosaurs

  • Beak
  • Rugo
  • Tila
  • Zumi
  • Bull

Names based on physical characteristics

  • Giant
  • Velox
  • Yellow
  • Scale
  • Strong

Names inspired by places

  • Andean
  • Patagonia
  • Tera
  • Rheo
  • amazon

Two-word dinosaur names

  • Red Bull
  • White Fang
  • Swift Peak
  • Ferocious Rex
  • Wild Zone