The Best Names For Elephants

Discover suitable and memorable names for elephants that reflect their nobility and majesty. Choosing a meaningful name can create a special bond with these impressive animals. Explore inspiring options to name your elephant with style and character.

Elephant names

Names for majestic and unique elephants

Elephants are fascinating animals that deserve equally impressive names. Here you will find a selection of names that reflect the greatness and uniqueness of these majestic beings.

Disney Elephant Names: Inspired by Famous Movies

  • Simba
  • Dumbo
  • Bambi
  • Thumper
  • Tantor

Baby Elephant Names: Sweet and Adorable Options

  • Moon
  • Little guy
  • Coconut
  • Spots
  • Travis

Names for female elephants: Elegant and powerful female names

  • Athena
  • Isis
  • Nala
  • sakura
  • Zafira

Names for elephants based on nature: Inspiration from fauna and flora

  • Savannah
  • Forest
  • Butterfly
  • River
  • Waterfall

These are just a few examples of spectacular names you can consider for your elephant. Remember that name choice is personal and should resonate with you and your elephant’s unique characteristics.

Exploring name ideas for elephants

The use of names and nicknames on elephants goes beyond simple labeling. These names are a way of identifying and expressing the individuality of these majestic animals. By assigning them a name, we give them a unique identity and recognize them as special beings within their group.

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Names based on physical characteristics

These names highlight physical traits of the elephant, such as size, color or skin texture.

  • Chubby: For an elephant of robust size and friendly character.
  • Cinnamon: Inspired by elephants with warm tones in their skin.
  • Trunk: Evokes the strength of the elephant and its characteristic trunk.
  • Yellow: Ideal for elephants with golden tones in their skin.
  • Wrinkled: Reflects the unique texture of elephant skin.

Names based on nature

These names are inspired by natural elements and landscapes.

  • Savannah: Evokes the vast expanse of the African savannah.
  • Delta: Inspired by the landscapes of a river delta.
  • Acacia: Reflects the presence of acacia trees in the elephant’s habitat.
  • Waterfall: For an elephant that enjoys water and aquatic nature.
  • Jungle: Ideal for elephants that live in dense tropical forests.


Names based on mythology and legends

These names are inspired by mythological figures and popular tales.

  • Ganesha: In honor of the elephant god of Hindu mythology.
  • Airavata: Name of the white elephant in Hindu mythology.
  • Tusk: Evokes the importance of fangs in culture and mythology.
  • Jumbo: Inspired by the famous circus elephant and legend.
  • Tarzan: In reference to the friend of the jungle, associated with wildlife.

Names based on languages ​​and cultures

These names come from various languages ​​and cultures that value elephants.

  • Ndovu: Means “elephant” in Swahili.
  • chang: Common name for elephant in Thai.
  • Gajraj: Means “king of elephants” in Hindi.
  • Panya: Thai name for female elephant.
  • Hathi: Hindi word for elephant.

Names based on personality and character

These names reflect unique qualities and traits of the elephant.

  • Majesty: For an elephant that radiates greatness and authority.
  • Don’t worry: Evokes the calm and serenity of the elephant.
  • Playful: Ideal for young and energetic elephants.
  • Sage: For an elephant that transmits knowledge and experience.
  • Noble: Reflects the nobility and dignity of the elephant.
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Names can also reflect the characteristics and personality of each elephant. When choosing a name, we can highlight their strength, majesty, sweetness or particular characteristics that make them special. Just as we humans feel identified and connected with our names, elephants can also establish bonds with their name and feel part of their social group.