The Best Names For Hedgehogs

Below we present original options for names for hedgehogs inspired by nature, fun, color-based and famous. There are also funny names with puns, whimsical and cute.

Name for a hedgehog

Original names for hedgehogs

Here we present options inspired by different themes and aspects so you can find the perfect name that reflects the special personality of your little hedgehog friend:

Particular names for hedgehogs

  • Olive either Willow They add elegance and tranquility to your pet.
  • Zephyr: This name means “west wind” and evokes a light and soft sensation, like the quills of a hedgehog.
  • Nyx: In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of the night, ideal for a nocturnal and mysterious hedgehog.
  • Pip: A diminutive and charming name that reflects the hedgehog’s small stature.
  • Quilliam: A combination of “quill” and the suffix “-iam”, which refers to the quills or spines of the hedgehog.
  • Lumi: Short for “luminous”, perfect for a hedgehog that shines with its own personality and charm.
  • Acorn, ivy either Berry They refer to natural elements and can be ideal for highlighting your hedgehog’s energy.

Fun and creative names for hedgehogs

  • Fuzz Lightyear: Inspired by the character “Buzz Lightyear” from Toy Story, but adapted to highlight the hedgehog’s fur (fuzz).
  • Quill, Spike either Bramble They bring creativity and fun when naming your hedgehog.
  • Pippin It is a choice that highlights your pet’s unique personality.
  • Sparks: This name refers to the sparks or sparkles that your hedgehog’s lively personality can generate.
  • Quilly Wonka: A fun combination that plays with the name of the famous character “Willy Wonka”, alluding to the spines (quills) of the hedgehog.
  • Ziggy: An energetic and cheerful name that fits well with the playful personality of a hedgehog.
  • Prickles: A playful way of referring to the hedgehog’s quills (prickles), with a fun and friendly touch.
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Names based on colors

  • Cobalt: Inspired by the deep cobalt blue color, ideal for a hedgehog with a similar coat tone.
  • Cinnamon: Reference to the cinnamon color, perfect for a hedgehog with warm tones in its fur.
  • saffron: Inspired by the yellow-orange color of saffron, ideal for a hedgehog with golden tones.
  • Indigo: A name that evokes the deep indigo blue color, suitable for a hedgehog with a dark blue tone to its fur.
  • Ruby: Inspired by the deep red precious gem, perfect for a hedgehog with a reddish tone to its fur.
  • Shadow, Honey either cocoa The shades of your hedgehog’s fur stand out in a special way.
  • Frost either Amber They add elegance and style to your pet’s name.

Famous names for hedgehogs

  • Sonic: Inspired by the famous video game character Sonic the Hedgehog, known for his speed and bold attitude. He is a perfect name for a fast and energetic hedgehog.
  • Quilliam: This name is a play on words that combines “quill” (thorns in English) with the proper name “William.” It is ideal for a hedgehog with a majestic and elegant appearance.
  • hedgie: An affectionate way of referring to hedgehogs, derived from the term “hedgehog” in English. It is a nice name and easy to remember.
  • Mr. Prickles: This name is fun and descriptive, referring to the hedgehog’s quills (prickles). It is a playful and endearing name.
  • Hufflepuff: Inspired by the Hufflepuff house from the Harry Potter book series, known for its dedication, loyalty and patience. He is a lovely name for a hedgehog with a friendly and affectionate personality.
  • Hermione, Romeo either Stitch They are options that add a touch of glamor and originality when identifying your hedgehog.

Funny names for hedgehogs

When choosing a funny name for your hedgehog, consider options that reference creative puns, highlight his whimsical and playful side, or are simply original and cute.

With a play on words

  • Peakspace
  • Eri-dumb
  • Hedgehog

Whimsical and playful

  • prankspin
  • hedgehoggoat
  • Rhizorisas

Original and beautiful

  • hedgehog
  • Rhizocurious
  • Spicy

Importance of the name for a hedgehog

Choosing a name for your hedgehog is not a trivial decision, as the name you choose can reflect his unique personality and highlight his physical characteristics in a special way. Plus, the name you choose can express their unique character and help strengthen the bond you have with your little prickly friend.

  • Reflect personality
  • Highlight physical characteristics
  • Express uniqueness