The Best Names For Magazines

When it comes to magazine names, creativity and appeal are key. The name of a magazine It should capture the essence of your content and attract readers. Explore unique and eye-catching ideas to find the perfect name that represents your publication effectively.

Names for magazines

Names for fashion magazines

The fashion industry demands eye-catching and stylish names that reflect the style and sophistication of magazines. Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

  • New style: A magazine that highlights the latest trends and fashion tips for men and women.
  • Glamor Fashion: A publication that combines fashion, lifestyle and beauty for young and modern women.
  • Elegance: An exclusive magazine that focuses on high-end fashion and renowned designers.
  • Trendy Teens: A magazine aimed at teenagers who seek to be at the forefront of youth fashion.
  • Street Chic: A publication that highlights urban fashion and street style inspiration sources.

Names for youth magazines

Youth magazines are an important tool to connect with the adolescent audience in Mexico. In this section, we present a selection of creative and eye-catching names for magazines aimed at this very special audience.

  • Young Impact: A magazine that seeks to impact and highlight the voice of young people on relevant current issues.
  • Youth Style: A magazine that offers fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice for teenagers, always on the cutting edge.
  • You and I: A magazine designed to promote friendship, love and fun among young people.
  • Brilliant mind: A magazine that stimulates creativity, learning and the minds of curious teenagers.
  • Sports Passion: A magazine dedicated to sports, promoting an active and healthy life among young athletes.

Names for school magazines

School magazines are a great way to encourage creativity and team spirit among students. When choosing a name for a school magazine, it is important to consider elements such as the identity of the institution, the topics addressed, and the target audience.

  • ExpressArt: A magazine to give voice to the artistic and literary talents of students.
  • InnovArt: A space to share the creative ideas and innovative projects of the school community.
  • Student Connection: A magazine that promotes interaction between students and reflects their interests and concerns.
  • Discovering Together: A publication that invites you to explore learning and discover new experiences.
  • Educational Strokes: A magazine that highlights academic achievements and educational advances at the institution.
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Names for informative magazines

Informative magazines are a valuable source of knowledge and current affairs on various topics. When choosing a name for an informative magazine, it is important to convey seriousness and reliability. Some name options for news magazines include:

  • The reporter
  • News Point
  • News in Progress
  • News up to date
  • Information Time
  • Global Report
  • The Gazette of Knowledge

Names for scientific journals

Scientific journals play a crucial role in the dissemination of knowledge in the field of science. When choosing a name for a scientific journal, it is essential to convey the seriousness and rigorous approach of the content to be published.

  • ResearchScience
  • Scientific advances
  • Scientific thought
  • Explorations in Science
  • Innovative Discoveries

Names for history magazines

History magazines have the purpose of exploring the past, rescuing relevant events and sharing knowledge that enriches our understanding of the world. When choosing a name for a history magazine, it is important to look for terms that convey the importance and fascination with the past. Here we present some suggestive options:

  • Old Memories
  • Eras and Legacies
  • Historical Heritage
  • Past Worlds
  • Chronicles of Time
  • Reminiscences
  • Temporal Arcs
  • Historical Moments
  • Annals of History
  • Historical Mirror

Names for literary magazines

Literary magazines are spaces of expression for creativity and passion for the written word. When choosing a name for a literary magazine, it is important to consider the impact it will have on readers and the literary community in general. Below is a list of literary magazine name options that can capture the essence and focus of your publication:


  • Words to the Wind
  • Lyrics in Fuga
  • Poems and Stories
  • Mirror of Words
  • Ink and Paper
  • Universe of Verses
  • The Open Book
  • Between Pages
  • Writers World
  • The Golden Feather
  • Pen and Paper
  • Vivid Letters
  • Illuminated Pages
  • Magic words
  • Verses in Flight
  • Literary Essence
  • Fantasy Leaves
  • Ink and Verse
  • World of Letters
  • Written Dreams
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Names for cultural magazines

Cultural magazines play a fundamental role in the dissemination and promotion of artistic and cultural diversity. To stand out in this area, it is important to choose a name that reflects the essence and theme of the publication. Here are some name suggestions for cultural magazines:

  • Art & Encounter
  • Cultural roots
  • Artistic expressions
  • Living Culture
  • Pen and Brush
  • Living Art
  • Cultural roots
  • Cultural Vanguard
  • Cultural Horizons
  • Cultural Mosaic
  • Artistic Perspective
  • Lived Traditions
  • Eco Cultural
  • New look
  • Paper Identity

These names capture the essence of culture, art and creative expressions. Each of them evokes a special connection with the cultural theme, inviting the reader to immerse themselves in a world of knowledge and discovery.

Names for educational magazines

When it comes to educational magazines, it is essential to choose a name that reflects the seriousness and relevance of the content. Here we present some ideas of names that could capture the attention of the public interested in educational topics:

  • Knowledge and Knowledge
  • Educate to Transform
  • Always Learning
  • Educational Innovation
  • Brilliant minds
  • Academic Perspectives
  • Discovering Knowledge
  • Effective Teaching
  • EduInnova
  • Know and Learn
  • Discover and Learn
  • Academic Magazine
  • Knowledge in Action
  • Illustrated Learning
  • Vital Wisdom
  • Explore Educational
  • Intellect in Focus
  • Route of Knowledge

These names allow us to convey the idea of ​​the importance of education and continuous learning. It is recommended that the name chosen be directly related to the theme of the magazine and the target audience you wish to reach.

Names for magazines in English

English-language magazines offer an opportunity to reach an international and diverse audience. When choosing a name for a magazine in this language, it is important to consider the theme and the target audience. Here are some creative ideas you can consider:

  • Globetrotter Magazine: A magazine that shows the wonders of the world through travel stories and photography.
  • Tech Trends: A magazine that covers the latest trends and developments in the world of technology.
  • The Fashionista: A fashion magazine highlighting the latest trends and style tips.
  • Science Explorers: A scientific magazine that explores advances and discoveries in different fields of science.
  • Historical Insights: A magazine dedicated to history, offering exciting details about different eras and important people.
  • Health Horizon: Explore the horizon of health and wellness with informative articles and practical tips.
  • Nature Navigators: A guide to exploring nature and the environment, aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Culinary Chronicles: Discover food stories and recipes from around the world.
  • Fashion Fusion: Explore the fusion of styles and trends in contemporary fashion.
  • Travel Tales: A travel magazine that tells fascinating stories from destinations around the world.
  • Artistry Avenue: Celebrating creativity and art in all its forms, from painting to design.
  • Music Melodies: Immerse yourself in the world of music with artist interviews and album reviews.
  • Sports Spectra: Covering a variety of sports and sporting events from a global perspective.
  • Science Spectrum: Exploring scientific advances and discoveries in various disciplines.
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Remember that when choosing a name in English, you should make sure that it is easily understandable and attractive to the target audience. In addition, the name must clearly reflect the theme of the magazine and capture the attention of readers.

Names for travel magazines

Travel magazines are a window to exploration and adventure, allowing us to discover fascinating destinations around the world. When choosing a name for a travel magazine, it is important to capture the essence and excitement of exploring new places.

  • Unlimited destinations
  • magical routes
  • Adventures on the horizon
  • World in your backpack
  • Discovering paradises
  • Intrepid explorers
  • Passport to the world
  • Unforgettable journeys
  • Explore and travel
  • Wonders to discover

These names capture the essence of the travel experience, conveying the excitement and curiosity of discovering new destinations. Remember that the name of your travel magazine should reflect the passion for exploring the world and spark the reader’s interest in immersing themselves in unforgettable adventures.