The Best Names For Sushi Restaurants

Choose a name for a sushi restaurant Proper sushi is essential to capture the essence and attract sushi lovers. From traditional options to creative and modern names, find inspiration here to name your sushi restaurant in a unique and attractive way.

Names for sushi restaurants

Examples of names for sushi restaurants

Short and attractive names

If you’re looking for a catchy, easy-to-remember name for your sushi restaurant, consider these options:

  • Sushi Express
  • Maki-Maki
  • Sushitastic
  • Japanese Roll
  • Samurai Sushi

Names that reflect the attributes of the restaurant

If you want to convey the attributes of your business through the name, here are some ideas:

  • Fresh Sushi
  • Delicacies of the Sea
  • Artisanal Sushi
  • Flavors of Japan
  • Gourmet Sushi

Sushi delivery and its relationship with the business name

Names related to the delivery method

When it comes to sushi delivery, it is important to choose a name that reflects the way the delivery will take place. You can opt for names like Sushi Express” or “Sushi Delivery” that convey the idea of ​​fast and convenient service. Other examples include:

  • Sushi Delivery
  • Sushi at your door
  • Express Eats
  • Speedy Bites
  • Delivery Delights
  • Doorstep Dining
  • Quick Cuisine
  • On-the-Go Grub
  • Urban Delivery Kitchen
  • Rapid Relish
  • Convenient Cuisine
  • Delivery Diner
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These names will help attract those customers who prefer to enjoy sushi in the comfort of their home.

Names based on the restaurant’s offering

Another option for naming your sushi restaurant is to focus on the offer you have available. For example, if your specialty is creative and original sushi rolls, you could consider names like:

  • Creative Sushi
  • Signature sushi
  • Vegan Sushi
  • Healthy Sushi

These names will highlight what your restaurant has to offer and attract those customers interested in these specific options.


Ideas to create names for sushi restaurants

Choosing the right name for your sushi restaurant is essential to capture the attention of customers and stand out in a highly competitive market. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Creating names with puns

Puns can be a great way to create a fun and memorable name for your sushi restaurant. You can play with sushi-related words, such as “maki”, “sashimi”, “wasabi” or “nigiri”, and combine them with other terms that reflect the essence of your business, such as “delicious”, “tasty”, “fresh ” or “tradition.” Here are some ideas:

  • Sashimi Sensation
  • Maki Mania
  • Nigiri Delight
  • Wasabi Wonderland
  • Tasty Sushi
  • Quick Roll
  • Maki Magic
  • Supreme Sashimi
  • New Nori
  • Fresh Wasabi
  • Tempura Tradition
  • Sushi Flavors
  • Natural Nigiri
  • Maki Wonder
  • Sushi Symphony

Names with words in Japanese

You can also consider using Japanese words to add an authentic and exotic touch to your restaurant name. Remember that the objective is to capture the attention of customers and convey the unique essence of your gastronomic offer.

  • Sakura Sushi Bar (桜寿司バー) – Sushi bar named after the cherry blossom.
  • Umi Sushiya (海寿司屋) – “Sushiya” means sushi house, and “Umi” translates to sea.
  • Kyoto Sushi Lounge (京都寿司ラウンジ) – A touch of elegance named after the historic Japanese city.
  • Nori Nippon (のり日本) – “Nori” is the seaweed used in sushi and “Nippon” is the Japanese name for Japan.
  • Mizuki Sushi House (美月寿司ハウス) – “Mizuki” can mean beauty and moon in Japanese.
  • Koi Sushi Bar (鯉寿司バー) – “Koi” is carp in Japanese, an important cultural symbol.
  • Sashimi Samurai (刺身侍) – Playing with the image of a samurai and the art of sashimi.
  • Wasabi Garden (わさびガーデン) – Incorporates the name of a popular condiment.
  • Hoshi Sushi Bistro (星寿司ビストロ) – “Hoshi” means star in Japanese.
  • Sushiya Kokoro (寿司屋こころ) – “Kokoro” means heart or soul in Japanese.
  • Nami Sushi Spot (波寿司スポット) – “Nami” translates as wave, related to the sea.
  • Takumi Sushi Palace (匠寿司パレス) – “Takumi” refers to a master or skilled craftsman.
  • Haru Sushi Delight (春寿司デライト) – “Haru” means spring in Japanese.
  • Kuroi Sushi Lounge (黒い寿司ラウンジ) – “Kuroi” means black in Japanese.
  • Yuzu Sushi Corner (柚子寿司コーナー) – “Yuzu” is a type of Japanese citrus fruit.
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Importance of choosing a name for your sushi restaurant

Choosing the right name for your sushi restaurant is essential to capture the attention of customers and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Reflection on the relevance of an attractive name

An attractive name for your sushi restaurant can pique diners’ interest and create a positive first impression. It is crucial to reflect on the importance of a name that reflects the essence and proposal of the business.

Keys to stand out from the competition

In a market with numerous sushi restaurants, it is essential to find keys that differentiate you from the competition. A unique, memorable name related to Japanese cuisine can help you stand out and attract more customers.