The Importance Of The Family In Education And Mental Health

What is the role of the family in the education and psychological development of children? Why is family so important to our mental health? Discover the reason for this.

What is the importance of family in education?

The family has a very relevant role in both the education and mental health of children. It is for this reason that we must take into account the importance of the family during the first years of life. The family and education You must accompany children so that they can develop in the best possible way. But, how can we improve our family relationships?

Why is the family so important in the education of children?

Have a good family relationship It not only allows us to have a good environment in our home. But it also allows children to better develop all their psychological capacities. This happens since having a good family bond has the following advantages.

1. Improves mental health

Interaction with a close social network significantly reduces the mental health problems that children may suffer from. So much so that on many occasions, the family and education They are the key to ensuring that children do not suffer from poor mental health.

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2. Better school performance

Having a good environment at home favors relationship between family and school, making it possible for children to get more out of the classes they have at school. Thanks to the collaboration of the family, children improve much more than without the presence of their parents.

3. Reduces the risk of behavioral problems

In many cases, having a good relationship between family and school It significantly reduces the behavioral problems that children may have. In this way, the importance of the family is crucial when there are problems in the behavior of children.

The importance of the family in education and mental health

4. Increases children’s confidence

Spending time with the family also increases the personal confidence of each of its members. For this reason, the role of the family in education is fundamental for the proper development of emotional and mental balance.

5. Promotes adaptability and resilience

Resilience is the ability to face changes in the best way. For this reason, they have a lot importance of family in the psychological development of children. Being able to be resistant to mistakes and not fear failure is one of the abilities that will allow children to become their best version.

These are some of the advantages that having a good relationship between family and school In this way, it is vital that the family takes a very relevant role in the education of the little ones.

How to improve our family time?

So that the family and education are the best possible for the development of the little one, the key is to try to improve our time within the family bond. To do this we can take into account the following.

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1. Family time vs. work time

It is necessary to increase the family time, is currently scarce and is at a disadvantage regarding working time. Creating a space and time for interaction in the family is a basic premise to improve family dynamics. Being a family means more than sharing a roof, it means interaction, concern for others, sharing… etc.

2. Quality family time versus quantity family time

Currently, the quality family time is threatened. New dysfunctional types of family systems emerge, for example, the media family where each member of the family enjoys their free time absorbed in themselves (one with video games, another with the Internet, watching television, listening to music…) without “sharing” with the rest. They live together in a physical space but there is no true interaction. Quality must prevail over quantity. Quality family time is limited to the openness of the members, attention to others, a positive attitude… Feeling comfortable enjoying sharing family life is the key.

Keys to having a good interaction between family and education

3. Promotion of family communication

Poor and dysfunctional communication is the main problem of families and couples Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the need to work on communication skills as a family. Today there are still certain taboo topics that are not discussed in the family (sexuality) that are not discussed together and gaps and lack of confidence are created in the new generation. With an effective communication style it is easier to address the most difficult topics.

4. Give yourself permission to talk about any topic within the family nucleus

This guideline is a consequence of the previous one. It is necessary to know how to communicate in a functional and non-offensive way, but also from the parental subsystem, the need and benefit of practicing effective communication must prevail. This is how children internalize values โ€‹โ€‹and norms, increasing their self-esteem and forming their self-determination in favor of comprehensive responsibility and maturity of children to promote socialization.

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5. Promote the maturity and responsibility of children

Another of the great obstacles of today’s society is the infantilization of the new generations. There is an absence or deficit in the person’s maturational capacity; we find ourselves with “eternal adolescents” who live in “bubbles” under the overprotection of their parents. At this point I would highlight the need for parents to delegate responsibility to their children depending on their ability and age. This responsibility makes children mature and should be rewarded with a proportional increase in autonomy.

In conclusion, the society, family and school They feed each other and changes in one sphere influence modifications in the others. Education is an aspect to be worked on from different focuses to achieve a comprehensive education of the person and better results.