The Sunday ‘slump’: Why Does It Happen And How To Deal With The Sadness Of This Day?

Why can we feel sad on Sunday nights or afternoons? What can these feelings mean and how to deal with them?

The Sunday 'slump': Why does it happen and how to deal with the sadness of this day?

Many people may experience a feeling of restlessness or discomfort the night or afternoon before the start of the work week. This sadness also known as the ‘sunday slump‘ can end up causing uncomfortable feelings for people who are suffering from it. But why might we feel this way and what can we do about these feelings?

Why do we feel sadness on Sundays?

When the Sunday afternoon, some people may start to feel sad because Monday is approaching and therefore they go back to work. Although these feelings may not necessarily indicate a mental health problem, they are a clear sign that there is a problem with your work that you should pay attention to. Taking this into account, some of the causes that can explain these feelings are the following:

  1. Excessive work-related stress: If your job is causing you stress because you have a lot of work tasks, this can end up making you feel blue on Sunday afternoons because of it.
  2. Bad work environment: We spend many hours in our workplace, so it is completely normal for people to feel unwell on Sunday afternoon or evening if they have to return to such an environment.
  3. Burnout: If your job demands too much of you and you have also been having these feelings for a long time, this can lead to burnout syndrome. Given this, we must take the necessary measures so that it does not further affect our mental health.
  4. Lack of meaning or motivation: If we don’t feel connected to what we do at work and place a lot of importance on giving our lives a purpose, this can end up taking its toll on us. In fact, one of the signs that this is happening to you is precisely feeling bad on Sundays.
  5. Anxiety or depression: In some cases, this feeling of sadness on Sunday can be closely linked to a serious mental health problem, such as an anxiety or depression disorder.
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These are the main reasons why people can feel a dip in your mood in the last hours of Sunday.

How to avoid the Sunday blues?

If every Sunday you feel bad Due to the arrival of a new work week, you should keep in mind that there are some tips that can be applied to try to confront or deal with these feelings:

  • Discover the cause of your discomfort: Keeping in mind or being aware of what causes the sadness you feel on Sundays can help you develop a plan to deal with them. Once you have detected the triggers, try to establish measures so that you are not so affected.
  • Find a motivation for Monday: If you feel that Mondays are a bad time for you, perhaps it can help you to try to start the work week with a motivation that helps you be happy about it. For example, have a coffee at your favorite coffee shop or treat yourself to something that helps you look forward to this moment.
  • Focus on your self-care during Sundays: Self-care can help you make better use of your weekend days. This means focusing on taking care of your mind or pampering yourself in every way. That is, trying to feel better about yourself can help you manage the feelings you may experience the night before returning to work.How to avoid the Sunday blues?
  • Examine your professional life: In some cases these feelings may be linked to the fact that we are in a job with a bad work environment or that we do not like. We all have responsibilities to attend to and it can be difficult to fit into this situation. Even so, if this is your case, it is recommended that you try everything you can to make this situation change and feel much better. For example, look for similar jobs, or talk to human resources to improve your work environment.
  • Create a weekend ritual: Having a Sunday night routine can make the inevitable end of the weekend more bearable. This may mean watching a movie in a genre you’re passionate about or having a special dinner to celebrate the start of a new week.
  • Talk to someone: Discussing your situation with another person can also help you deal with this situation. In fact, by talking about it with others, this will allow you to see things from a different perspective and know how to approach it in a different way.
  • Make a plan and carry it out: If you feel like your life is not fulfilling you right now, it may be a good idea to try to organize your thoughts and start making a plan to get what you really want. For example, it may be a good idea to write down these thoughts and gradually break down your plan into small steps that you can take.
  • Go to therapy: If you see that this sadness is related to excess stress, burnout or disorders such as depression or anxiety, it is important that you go to a professional psychologist. This specialist will help you find the most effective treatment for your situation.
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Although you may experience some sadness on sundays Occasionally, this feeling, if it becomes very common, may indicate that you are facing a problem to which you should give your full attention. Even though it is Sunday or Monday, this cannot be a reason that causes you unhappiness.