What Does It Mean To Dream About Cockroaches?

Dream about cockroaches

Cockroaches, that insect that is so unpleasant for many, terrifying for others and that, in general, does not fit into our concept of the best animal that could appear in our home.

These bugs provoke disgust and fear, so it would be quite strange to think that there are people who dream about them.

What does it mean to dream about cockroaches? How is it possible that we have this dream? We will find out below.

What does it mean to dream about cockroaches?

It is a classic in psychology (and cliché, by the way) that dreams can have a meaning. It is not surprising, since one of the main figures of our discipline is the psychoanalyst Sigmund, Freud who considered that dreams speak through our unconscious What is represented to us in the dream world while we sleep represents our desires, fears, uncertainties and concerns.

Dream interpretation is not an exact science, well, rather it is not a science, period. Although it is something that awakens everyone’s interest, it is worth saying that the meaning that our dreams can bring us depends on each person, on their daytime experiences and concerns, which manifest themselves in different types of worlds when we close our eyes. These worlds can be pleasant or extremely unpleasant, with all kinds of mysterious and striking elements.

We can dream anything and, among them, is the type of dream we are going to talk about today: dreaming about cockroaches. “Gross!” many will think, while others will directly get some anxiety if they are victims of catsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches). As a general rule, these insects of the order Blattodea generate a lot of disgust and fear among the vast majority of the population, which makes the following question logical: “Why do we dream about cockroaches?”

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Surprisingly There are many meanings that dreaming about cockroaches can acquire, and if that were not enough, there are even very positive ones These meanings will be what we will see in the next few lines, meanings that will surely leave us a lot to think about, especially tonight before going to sleep.

1. Dreaming about cockroaches in general

Dreaming about cockroaches can have two meanings depending on our relationship with these insects If we are very afraid of them, being in fact phobic of cockroaches or insects in general, it is most likely that the dream itself is a mere representation of this phobia. It is common for our worries and fears to manifest themselves while we sleep, and if we are afraid of cockroaches, it is likely that they will appear to us during our rest in the form of a nightmare.

However, if we are not afraid of them and, at most, disgusted, dreaming about these insects usually means something very good. In fact, dream analysts consider the cockroach as a symbol of resistance, adaptation and survival appearing in complicated moments of our lives in which we have many problems that overwhelm us but we continue forward, without giving up.

2. Dreaming about dead cockroaches

Dead cockroaches are, although it may not seem like it, a good sign. In this case it can be interpreted as overcoming the fear of a specific situation or, at least, changing it for our benefit. These insects come to represent life’s obstacles since they cause a certain feeling of boredom but, like those in real life, they are easily overcome.

That is the vision that we must have towards our vital goals, seeing the inconveniences along the way as annoyances but that can be overcome, that will not prevent us from moving forward. Basically, It is the sign that most of the problems in our lives are surmountable even though they may cause us a lot of rejection and that sometimes with a simple gesture, such as crushing a cockroach, we can overcome them.

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Dream about cockroaches

3. Dreaming about live cockroaches

If the cockroaches are alive, the meaning is rather the opposite of the previous point. It means that those aspects that worry us, no matter how slight, are too present in our lives and must change The cockroach represents the fear of something, the feeling of danger or lack of security.

The more cockroaches you live, the more issues to resolve. If they appear to us in our dream world, we must ask ourselves what problems there are lately, be aware of them and change them. It is not that it is a bad sign, but rather a warning that we must take action on the matter and put our lives in order.

4. Dreaming about cockroaches at home

It is quite common to dream about cockroaches at home. In the same way that in real life we ​​do not want to find them in our home, the occurrence of this dream is seen as a disturbance of the calm of our home. Home is that environment in which we rest, which gives us security and protection. It is our home and we do not want to encounter anything unpleasant there, no matter how small and harmless it may be.

However, this does not have to be a bad thing, but rather a warning that there are disturbances in our daily lives. For example, if cockroaches appear in the bed this means that there may be problems related to our partner, especially intimate relationships and, if we do not have a partner, having them appear there means that we are worried about not finding one.

5. Dream about flying cockroaches

Flying cockroaches symbolize that we are having a hard time solving what worries us. When these insects fly, it is very difficult to catch and kill them, so the fact that they appear in our dream flying means that We have problems that are difficult for us to solve and that, in addition, generate fear and a feeling of lack of control. It is a message from the subconscious that tells us that we have to reflect on why it is taking us so long to solve them.

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If these flying cockroaches end up leaving, it is a sign that the problems that we are having a hard time solving will sooner or later be solved because, although they cause confusion, we know that it is a matter of time before we resolve them. On the other hand, if cockroaches fly towards us it means that we don’t know what to do, and our unconscious is urging us to try to find a solution now.

6. Dreaming about large cockroaches

As we have commented in the previous sections, cockroaches generally indicate problems that must be solved. In the same way that the number of these insects is indicative of how many problems there are, their size is also important. The larger these insects are, the more serious the problem they represent

But although large, this does not mean that the problems in question are really that serious, simply that we see them as especially worrying. Therefore, if in our dream we manage to kill these insects with ease, despite how large they are, it means that we have really exaggerated the seriousness of the problems that afflict us and that, perhaps, it will not be so difficult to overcome them.

7. Dreaming that the cockroach is our pet

Of all the strange dreams we can have, this is without a doubt the strangest. As if it were a dog or a cat, there are those who dream that they have adopted a cockroach as a pet. The animal, which could perfectly be the size of a feline, accompanies us on our relaxing afternoons while we read a book or watch television.

This dream, which at first seems even insane, It is a sign that we are truly brave people Not everyone would have a bug like this as a pet, a bug that, as we have said, usually represents worries, fears and fears. Adopting it in our dream means that we are not afraid of problems, that we manage to appease them, make them harmless like most pets.