What Does It Mean To Dream That They Are Chasing You?

What does it mean to dream that they are chasing you?

One of the most recurrent dreams is dreaming that you are being chased, that someone has started a chase in the dark or in an unsafe place in order to capture you and hurt you.

There are many meanings of this particular dream, most of the time it is synonymous with some type of problem that, although solvable, can cause us a lot of discomfort.

Next We will see what we can interpret from dreaming that they are chasing you seeing what the most common meanings are and, also, the specific meanings of some things happening during the chase.

What does it mean to dream that they are chasing me?

There are all kinds of dreams. Although on many occasions we do not remember what we have dreamed, most of the time we do remember some detail of what we have experienced during the night. There are dreams that are more pleasant than others, but there are those that greatly disturb our nocturnal calm, nightmares that make us wake up very upset the next day.

Dreaming that you are being chased is one of the most common nightmares It is one of those dreams that, as a general rule, cause us great discomfort, a lot of psychological tension and may even make us wake up sweaty as a result of the suffering and also the physical effort of fleeing from our pursuer. The entity, the anonymous figure or perhaps a known person who has taken center stage that night in our dream world has made us tremble with fear.

There are many interpretations that can be made when dreaming that you are being chased. This depends not only on the emotions we felt while we were resting, but also on the characteristics of the chase itself. Sometimes, perhaps few but there are times, this dream can be something positive, even pleasant, while on most occasions it is synonymous with worries, fears and insecurities.

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When we talk about the meanings of dreaming that haunt us, we must understand that not everyone dreams in the same way and, therefore, they do not interpret their dreams equally. The interpretations and meanings that we can extract from our dreams are very varied, depending a lot on the specific content that we have experienced during our rest.

However, we can mention which are the main meanings of dreaming that haunt us especially taking into account perspectives of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic approaches Likewise, it is important to highlight that the interpretation of our dreams is still something very subjective, free and personal, and that the meanings that can be extracted from them are not certain.

1. Excessive worry

The main meaning of the dream in which we are chased is being excessively worried about someone or something. There is the symbolism that something that is affecting our lives is causing a lot of uncertainty so much so that it has crept into our dreams and does not allow us to relax or calm down.

2. Need for personal change

This dream can also mean the need for an important change in our lives. Our pursuer is actually routine, the boring and tedious monotony that has conquered our daily lives and that doesn’t let us move forward. Life is progress as long as there are changes, changes that materialize in leaving our comfort zone.

3. Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety disrupt our sleep, causing nightmares. These nightmares can take any form, but there is no doubt that the nightmare of persecution has a lot to do with these two emotions. Chronic stress affects the quality of sleep, preventing us from sleeping deeply and making us rest worse.

The meaning that can be extracted from this dream is that we need to eliminate the source of anxiety from our lives, because if we do not do so we will not be able to rest satisfactorily and we will continue to have this nightmare. Furthermore, because of not getting a restful sleep, we will wake up in a bad mood the next day and this will affect all important areas of our life.

They haunt me in dreams

Meanings depending on the type of persecution

Now that we have seen the main meanings of this dream, it is time to dig deeper and see what it can mean depending on how the persecution occurs. Dreaming that you are being chased does not have the same meaning if the person chasing us is a complete stranger or, for example, our partner. It also doesn’t have the same meaning if we end up hurting ourselves while fleeing or if it happens in the middle of the night. Let’s see the main ones:

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1. Dreaming that they are chasing us at night

It is quite common for the scene where the chase occurs to be dark or at night. This dream can be interpreted as a worry about the unknown or being hurt, insecurity and fear that people we have just met could hurt us This is directly related to fear, to suspicion.

2. Dreaming that a family member is chasing us

Things are quite different when the person chasing us is a family member. It may be a father, a brother, a grandfather, an aunt… Whoever it is, dreaming that they are persecuting us can be interpreted as a sign of guilt.

It is important to mention that This feeling of guilt, although we feel it, does not have to be justified It is common that in the family environment there are reproaches and guilt appears for things that in themselves are not so serious.

Sometimes we take a bad comment or inappropriate gesture from a family member too seriously, feeling it as a source of real discomfort. That is why it is so important to have open communication with our family members to avoid misunderstandings that could make us feel bad.

3. Dreaming that your boss is chasing us

Dreaming that our boss is chasing us is a clear indication that we are worried about our work environment. Although it is not a premonitory dream nor does it have to indicate that we are going to lose our job or that our superior is going to scold us, it is a reason to consider whether we are comfortable in our work.

Also It may happen that we feel that the responsibilities we have been given are too big for us so much so that they have moved to the dream world, materializing in the form of a boss who chases us and chases us to give us a report that we do not want or wants to put more work on us.

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It was what we were missing. Even trying to sleep we can’t stop thinking about work. Fortunately, before leaving our job or dreaming about work every day, the solution may be to ask for a few days of vacation, to disconnect from so much report and so much history.

4. Dreaming that your partner is chasing you

If our partner pursues us, we may be dealing with several meanings. Among them we have the one who simply wants to reach out to us, showing that we need to spend a little more time with him or her, have more moments of intimacy and enjoy each other’s company.

Another meaning, in this case negative, is that we want to get away from him or her We feel that we spend too much time, that it overwhelms us and when someone wants to get close to us we move away as quickly as possible. What we can extract from this is that it is necessary to talk to the couple, consider the possibility of resorting to couples therapy and establish our space.

5. Dreaming that we fall

We may dream that, while we are running, we fall into a sinkhole or off a cliff. Because of this, we believe that now the person who was chasing us is sure to catch up with us and that we have failed in our attempt to avoid being victims of his cruel and unpredictable clutches.

We can interpret this scenario as a reflection of our low self-esteem, of believing that we are capable of achieving what we set out to do because we are not skilled enough. Here, what haunts us may be failure, the fear of not achieving what we have set out to do, while the pothole or the precipice are all the obstacles that we believe we will not be able to avoid.

What we can extract from here is the need to work on self-esteem and pessimism. It is necessary to understand that yes, there will be times in our lives when we will fail, but there will be many others in which we will succeed. If we make an effort and maintain a positive view of things we will achieve great feats.