What Is ASMR And Why Does It Tickle The Brain?

Have you heard of brain tickling? Do you know what ASMR is? Discover this neologism, what benefits it provides, what type of stimuli trigger it and what is its scientific basis.

What is ASMR and what are its benefits?

He ASMR or satisfying sounds videos They are one of the psychological phenomena that are currently having the most impact on the networks. So much so that every day the number of people who identify with this phenomenon increases, especially followers of ASMR videos on YouTube, where it has become better known through the creators who dedicate themselves to producing sounds or images of this style. But why have ASMR sounds gained so much fame?

What is ASMR?

He meaning of ASMR and its acronym is Autonomus Sensorial Meridian Response. Translated, ASMR and its acronym mean Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and refers to the sensation of pleasure, tingling, chills or tickling that is felt in the head, scalp, forehead, neck or even the back or extremities when They see or hear certain stimuli that activate this sensory mechanism of the body.

The ASMR phenomenon was first named in 2010, just 8 years ago, from a Facebook group that discussed this strange sensation, where many of the participants said they had very similar sensations, but tremendously difficult to explain. In fact, ASMR and its acronym contains the word autonomous because in each person it works in a different way and is not always activated by the same stimuli, although most of them are auditory or visual.

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There are those who call ASMR like cerebral orgasms due to the sensation of pleasure and relaxation produced by that shuddering or tingling of the brain, but many do not dare to say that they experience it because it is difficult to explain. Now, whoever explains it, adds that he feels lucky to have this feeling that he considers very pleasant.

What triggers ASMR?

Analyzing the ASMR and its psychology, the effects of this autonomous meridian sensory response are very peculiar. There are many stimuli that can produce this sensation, but it is generally related to rhythmic, slow and careful movements, sounds or gestures that are repeated.

Normally the ASMS and its videos They are acts related to art, the manipulation of objects or crafts. However, it is such a recent phenomenon that the causes have not yet been found and why it does not happen to everyone, but only a few can experience it. Furthermore, many of the people who experience and activate ASMR through videos have coincidentally suffered from anxiety problems or sleep disorders, so it could be considered a therapeutic practice.

There are times when ASMR It arises accidentally, simply because some stimulus is heard or seen that triggers it, while at other times the person seeks it intentionally and consciously to achieve that result. That is why videos on this topic are proliferating so much, videos in which the stimuli are dramatized or intensified to give pleasure to the people who can experience it.

Whoever experiences this sensation through ASMR and its sounds, does it from a very early age, generally they say they feel it from approximately the first years of age. Therefore the effect of ASMR is a sensation that can be learned.

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Why does the ASMR effect occur?

What are relaxing ASMR sounds like?

These satisfying videos with ASMR sounds They can have different formats. Among the most popular we can find the following.

  • Whispers: In this ASMR video you can find a person slowly whispering specific phrases or words.
  • Tapping: In these ASMR relaxation videos you can hear both nails and fingers hitting various surfaces.
  • Pages: There are people who search for ASMR sounds to hear the sound of smooth pages.
  • Clear sounds: These ASMR sounds can include objects like crumpled paper, aluminum foil, or rustling leaves.
  • Relaxation phrases: In some cases, ASMR videos include some relaxation or positive phrases.
  • Writing: ASMR and its sounds can be preceded by a pencil or fountain pen.
  • Visual triggers: Although most ASMS videos on YouTube or other platforms focus mainly on sounds, there are cases of people looking for these effects in certain visual stimuli. In these ASMR videos, people look for some acts that they see as satisfying, such as writing or petting an animal.

Nowadays many people are looking for these relaxation videos to relax or even to mediate the stress of everyday life. Despite this, there are still not enough studies that demonstrate the effects of ASMR.

Benefits of ASMR

Although there is not much research on ASMR the reality is that people usually look for these relaxation videos because they feel some of the following benefits.

1. Insomnia

Some people feel that relaxing music videos or ASMR and their sounds can help them combat insomnia to some extent.

2. Relaxation

One of the best-known main effects of ASMR is relaxation In this way, ASMR for sleep is more than known among lovers of this effect.

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Benefits of ASMR

3. Stress

The relaxation produced by ASMR videos It can have certain positive effects on stress. In some cases it is even argued that the effect of ASMR can combat some of the effects of anxiety.

4. Loneliness

Some ASMR users They look for this type of videos to alleviate their feeling of loneliness. So much so that in some cases people look for food ASMR to feel accompanied.

All of these effects have not been demonstrated through studies of ASMR and its psychology Despite this, many users of these satisfying videos have reported feeling these benefits. It is important to know that issues such as insomnia, anxiety and stress require the help of a mental health professional. Although there are not enough studies on ASMR sounds, it is important to note that the essential thing is to try to know yourself and look for what works for us to relax in our daily lives.

Is ASMR a proven phenomenon?

Although it has a very scientific name, the ASMR phenomenon At the moment it does not have enough studies that can demonstrate a solid scientific basis. Likewise, it is not known what percentage of people can experience it and what aspects make one person feel it and another not.

Therefore, it is not known at a neurological level which aspects of the brain are involved in its appearance or which areas of the brain are activated when ASMR is felt. What is clear is that the lucky ones who can experience ASMR They may have a natural remedy against stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Therefore, you can leave your comfort zone and test if ASMR really has an effect on you.