What Is It And How To Find Happiness? Psychology Keys To Achieve It

Do you want to be a happy person? Do you want to develop your personal happiness? Discover the secret and the keys to finding happiness according to psychology.

How to achieve happiness according to psychology?

The happiness It is a concept that is often present in our lives and is associated with many areas: our personal, work, family, social life, etc. Therefore, happiness is very important in our society. But do we really know what happiness is?

Most people think that happiness is something transcendental and utopian, that it is a lasting state and incompatible with feeling sadness, anger, etc. Therefore, it is concluded that it is very difficult to achieve and achieve personal happiness in our daily lives. Therefore, these people see happiness as an unattainable goal which is a mistake.

What is happiness?

We must keep in mind that happiness is subjective, that is, each person achieves it and experiences it differently. However, one thing that all human beings share is the search for happiness and well-being. Regardless of the country where we live, religion, age, gender and social level, all people want to be well and happy. This is the engine of our life. So,What is happiness ? Throughout the history of philosophy this concept has been studied and defined.

  • reach a goal

One of the most accepted definitions is the one that says that the happiness It is an emotion that occurs in a human being when he believes he has achieved a goal. In this sense, happiness is usually accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction and joy. It is certainly important to plan goals in our lives, but we must try to avoid making the mistake of setting ourselves difficult and long-term goals, since these will reaffirm the theory that happiness is unattainable. It is important to have day-to-day goals and objectives, simpler but no less important.

  • Enjoy the little things

In addition, the happiness It’s about little things, little everyday moments that make us feel different. Happiness is like a spark, something small that has light, that fills us and makes us vibrate. It is that pleasant, intense sensation that appears as a result of a small activity, an encounter with a person, etc.

  • Know ourselves

A very important point is to know ourselves and spend some time thinking about what things make us they cause happiness to be able to enhance those moments. For example, if a person is happy taking care of plants, and they know it, perhaps they will be more attentive to what activities they can do to promote their happiness: think about going for a walk in a park when the flowers start to bloom and enjoy the smell, look for a bonsai exhibition, etc. It is about being creative and active in the search for sensations and activities related to what makes us happy and lowering the level of our own demands.

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Can we measure happiness?

There is no foolproof recipe for get happiness and, in fact, each person has their own theory on how to achieve it and, especially, how to maintain it. Many times, psychologists are consulted precisely for this reason, to try to solve everything that prevents them from becoming “well”, with all the nuances that this state entails.

It is true that the happiness is subjective In this way, only we ourselves can know if we are truly happy or not. Despite this, psychologists have attempted to scientifically measure happiness. So much so that although there are different ways to be happy, there is a consensus on the best way to be happy. Before seeing the keys to being happy, we should understand what our degree of happiness is. In this way, there are different psychological methods to know.

1. The Steen Happiness Index (Seligman, Steen, Park & ​​Peterson, 2005)

This happiness index It consists of about twenty elements. Participants read statements and select the one that best describes their current situation.

2. Subjective happiness scale (Lyubomirsky and Lepper, 1999)

Through four items we try to evaluate inner happiness of each of the participants. In this way, through a test the degree of personal happiness of each of the interviewees can be established.

3. Happiness Scale (Fordyce, 1977)

This scale is also known as the ’emotions questionnaire’ since it also evaluates the emotional well-being of those who do it. On many occasions, emotions and their balance participate in achieving complete happiness in life.

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What is happiness?

What is happiness?

According to the research of Seligman, Steen, Park and Peterson (2005), three paths have been found that allow us seek personal happiness

  • Positive emotion and pleasure

One of the keys to achieving happiness It is maintaining a positive attitude in all aspects of life. When positive emotions are dominant in our lives, everything is experienced in a more pleasant and positive way.

  • Commitment

Another factor that influences to find happiness It is precisely the fact of having a commitment and staying firm with it. So much so that people who claim to have a ‘good life’ end up being the result of a constant effort to develop and demonstrate their strengths through work and leisure.

  • Sense

They do not exist ways to be happy without developing a meaning about our own life. In this way, people must establish meaning in our lives, that is, see a purpose that is higher than ourselves.

These three elements must be combined to try achieve personal happiness The key is to develop each of them to be able to live a full and happy life.

Keys to be happy

As we have already said, there is no single formula to find happiness and enjoy a perfect life. The reality is that each of us must work to seek happiness. Even so, there are some methods that can make it easier for us to know how to achieve personal happiness.

1. Direct your attention

Attention is much more important than we assume at first glance. Being able to focus our attention on certain things instead of others may be the key to to find happiness In our life. In this way, paying attention to the positive or what we really want, leaving behind what does not benefit us (such as thinking badly of others or negative gossip) is a good way to be happy and focus on what you really want.

2. Smile

Even though you may have woken up on the wrong foot, try to smile as much as possible throughout your day. In this way, you will be able to trick your brain and start to feel more and more cheerful and happy. This does not mean that one day you cannot be more down or sad than normal, it is simply a good method to try to brighten up those days where you see everything black.

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3. Practice gratitude

Being grateful for what you have and what surrounds you is one of the most effective ways to achieve achieve happiness every day of your life. The reality is that you have many things around you to be grateful for (a good family, friends, lovers, a job you like, etc.), so it is time to start practicing this gratitude.

4. Spread positivity

The happiness It is not achieved if you are alone in the world. Therefore, it can be very beneficial for both you and others to practice positivity with everyone around you. Start by giving compliments to others and you will end up creating a very positive environment to surround yourself with.

Keys to finding happiness

5. Give small gestures

Sharing is an act that not only fills us with energy, but also makes us happier. For this reason, one of the most perfect ways to get happiness It is precisely by making small gestures towards our loved ones.

6. Do things you really like

Sometimes we set goals that may not be to enjoy them, but to give appearance to others. For this reason, one of the keys to get happiness in your life is precisely doing what you really want. To do this, it is essential to know yourself and what you enjoy.

7. Find your goal

One of the main keys to achieve personal happiness It is having goals in your life. Therefore, it is essential that you have goals that you want to achieve in your life and try to fight for each of them. This will make you feel fulfilled every day.

8. Be open-minded and get out of your comfort zone

Being comfortable and always doing the same thing will not help you be happier. On the contrary, experiencing new sensations will allow you to have a much fuller life. That is why it is essential to get out of our comfort zone and have a more open mind in all areas of life.

9. Enjoy the little things

Although it may be difficult at first, it is essential to enjoy all the little things you do in your daily life. Even cleaning your house or doing a difficult task has its positive side. Managing to enjoy these little things will make to find happiness It’s much easier for you.

The happiness It is much more complex than one imagines. Fighting bad thoughts and leaving negativity behind can be a daunting task. If this is your case, a psychologist can help you achieve these goals. Remember that finding happiness only depends on you.

“The secret to happiness is not found in the search for more, but in developing the ability to enjoy less.”