What Is The Thermometer Of Emotions? 5 Steps To Identify Your Emotions

What is the thermometer of emotions? How is this technique done to identify our emotions? Discover the steps to use this tool and be able to manage them.

What is the thermometer of emotions and how can we do it?

There are different ways to express our emotions. But, despite this, there are many times when it is difficult for us to see how we are and how these feelings affect us. Psychologists have a system with which, through activities to work on emotions in adults and children, people can develop the ability to say what they have inside. What does the technique called thermometer of emotions ?

What are emotions?

Before knowing how to use the emotional thermometer technique, we must keep in mind what emotions consist of. According to its psychological definition, emotions are “a compendium of stable personality traits, socio-emotional competencies, motivational aspects and various cognitive abilities” (Fernández and Extremera, 2005).

What is the thermometer of emotions?

He emotional thermometer It is a very useful tool to use with children (or people of other ages) with difficulties detecting and managing the emotions they are experiencing. It is used to guide in learning emotional management.

In this way, you can do these activities to express feelings and emotions in adults and children. The reason for this is that through this tool it allows us to better detect and deal more effectively with our emotions. According to psychologists the thermometer of emotions allows us the following.

  • Put a situation in perspective

One of the consequences of not knowing how to control or manage our emotions is precisely not knowing how to put things into perspective. In these cases, people tend to get carried away by emotions and not see things in a more realistic way. Therefore, this emotional thermometer for children and adults It can make us see things with different eyes.

  • Build self awareness

Knowing what our emotions are like or how they can affect us is an effective way to get to know ourselves better. So much so that on many occasions, having more self-awareness is one of the keys to better managing our emotions and our reactions to each of the feelings that arise within us. He emotional thermometer It helps us to be more aware of what is happening inside us.

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What is the emotion thermometer for?

  • Develop a self-management plan

He thermometer of emotions It allows us to have a very effective tool to manage feelings in times of crisis. Thanks to knowing this method we will have the ability to manage these emotions.

  • Connect thoughts, feelings and actions

Sometimes we confuse our thoughts with our feelings and end up acting in a way we don’t like. Therefore, the emotional thermometer for children and adults It can help us detect and separate our emotions from what we really want to do.

He thermometer of emotions It helps us manage our feelings in the best possible way. In many cases people end up being slaves to their own emotions. If you think this is your case, you can always count on the help of this technique or a professional psychologist to learn methods to take control of your mind and your feelings.

What is the emotion thermometer for?

Thanks to thermometer of emotions, people can develop emotions and emotional intelligence. This ability will allow us to solve problems, facilitate adaptation to the environment, promote more effective reasoning, allow us to think more intelligently about our own emotional life as well as detect and express our feelings.

In short, thanks to this interpersonal skill the person can perceive themselves in their entirety, detect how they are in each situation and be able to act appropriately to respond to the emotional demands presented. Furthermore, sometimes it allows a correct response to stimuli that generate a feeling of alert, insecurity, fear, suspicion… Therefore, they are also a means of survival.

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Steps to carry out the emotions thermometer

There are a series of steps to be able to carry out the emotional thermometer technique These activities to work on emotions are effective for adults and children. According to psychologists, you can do it in the following way.

1. Choose the emotions you want to focus on

The first step to do this emotional thermometer for children or adults is choosing the emotions you want to work on (You can also put the correct way to act in front of them, so that it serves as a reminder to the child). This allows you to prioritize the emotions you want to work on, since you should not try to manage them all at the same time.

“Feeling emotions is what makes our life rich”

Daniel Goleman

2. Paint the color of your emotion

Prepare the thermometer of emotions depending on the color in which you perceive each of them. To do this, you must draw a thermometer and color depending on how you feel the emotion. In this way you will be able to identify both the level at which you feel this emotion, as well as detect the specific emotion.

3. Place the emotions thermometer in a visible place

Place it in a visible place so that it is easily accessible if you need it. In this way, you will be able to detect when your emotions are affecting you and the level at which they are doing so. At first you should have the thermometer of emotions drawn, but the more you use it, the more you will get used to having it in your mind and using it through your imagination.

“We are not responsible for emotions but we are responsible for what we do with emotions”

Jorge Bucay

How to make the emotional thermometer?

4. Analyze your emotions

Analyze each of the emotions selected and represented in the emotional thermometer answering a series of questions in a calm situation. Subsequently, carry out this process in the real presence of any of the emotions. The questions to answer may be:

  • ¿What do I feel?
  • How do I express it?
  • What is the correct way to express it?
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He emotion thermometer exercise It can be done starting with the emotions that are easy to control, and progressively increasing their difficulty.

5. Practice it regularly

If you have this thermometer coloring At your side, this will allow you to promote their internalization and increase their emotional management progressively.

“At least 80% of success in adulthood comes from emotional intelligence”

Daniel Goleman

Emotions are an essential part of our life. Therefore, knowing how to manage them will allow us to have the ability to live a life full of nuances.