When Is It Time To Separate A Person? 6 Warning Signs


Throughout our lives there are many relationships that we establish of different types, from friendship to couples or family relationships themselves.. We all want the relationships we have to be healthy, reciprocal and to last over time. However, there are times when, for various reasons, we do not feel comfortable with that relationship.

And this is where we usually find it difficult to handle this situation. We clearly see that there are things that do not suit us and we continue to allow them. “That it is a relationship of many years, that many things have been shared, that there are future plans, that there are very good memories…” There are many reasons why we are not able to end a relationship.

Signs that it is time to separate a person

It is important to know when we should remove a person from our life because they are no longer good for us and keeping them in our lives causes us discomfort or destabilizes us emotionally. Some reasons would be the following.

1. That it is not reciprocal

It is not about relationships being a perfect 50-50, but reciprocity is appreciated, that the relationship is two-way.. If you see that you are constantly giving more to keep the relationship going, it is not a good sign. If the relationship is only sustained by what you do and the other person does not, it is time to consider ending that relationship.

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2. Lack of interest

If the other person doesn’t care about seeing you, making plans together and even almost not answering your messages or taking a long time to do so. Also if when it comes to sharing things that are a source of joy for you and he is not happy for you.


3. Not being able to count on that person

Not only the things that are a source of joy and that you want to share with that person but also when you may need it, to tell them something that worries you or to listen to you.

4. Behaviors that bother

If that person gets extremely angry with you, it bothers him that you interact with other people, he constantly criticizes you. If you let him know and he keeps doing it.

5. It no longer gives you anything

Maybe you have experienced many good things with that person and felt that you connected very well in the past, but there is none of that left. Perhaps you have both changed and the topics of conversation, concerns and things in common are no longer there. If you realize that there are more times you meet out of commitment than because you really want to see and be with that person.

6. You can’t be yourself in that relationship

If your self-esteem has been damaged in that relationship and you feel like you can’t be yourself. If you act differently than you think or in a way that you think will please that person or prevent them from getting angry, but it is not how you would actually act, it is not a healthy relationship.

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It is difficult to end a relationship, to separate a person who has been part of your life, but sometimes we have to understand that relationships evolve and change. They are stages. And what is above any relationship is your well-being.