Which Of These 4 Types Of Couple Is Yours?

These four are the most common types of couples, according to experts at the University of Illinois.

Which of these 4 types of couple is yours?

It seems that there are four types of relationships that can occur between couples. This conclusion, reached by a group of experts from the University of Illinois, is supported by a study carried out on 400 couples who were followed for nine months to try to establish the type of relationship they had and that has allowed define a categorization of the types of couples.

The research paid attention to the relationship that each of the couples maintained, what the personal characteristics of each member of the couple were like, how they communicated and what their relationship was like. The director of said investigation, the Dr. Brian G. Ogolsky, states that the study sought to know what relationships are normally like and how they can improve so that this becomes a healthy and strong relationship. From the analysis of these 400 couples, the researchers have been able to establish a classification of relationship types into four groups, namely:

Sociable couples

This type of couple is characterized by having a intense social activity, with an outstanding group of friends, with whom, in addition to spending a lot of free time, they maintain a close relationship, to such an extent that they usually share their relationship problems with them, discuss their concerns and seek support or help from them when they need it. . But, despite what it may seem, they are usually stable couples, whose duration is usually long. Experts point out that they combine their commitment as a couple with their social life in a relaxed way, which is why they are happier couples.

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Couples who fall into this category usually become true friends, companions. This is because they usually spend a lot of time together, so both the plans they organize and the decisions they make always include both of them. They do not tend to do anything separately, much less something that could affect their partner or put their relationship at risk. They prioritize the benefit of the other, whom they respect and value greatly, not only as a couple but also as a person, which contributes positively to the relationship, which in the long run becomes strong, committed and solid.

Couples who are always in conflict

Experts point out that they are passionate couples, who are always in tension with each other. They are couples who love each other madly and hate each other, they separate because they can’t stand each other and they get together again because they can’t live without the other person. It seems like we are talking about any couple that is the protagonist of a romantic novel, where the push and pull is constant. Despite what it may seem, this tension, this push and pull, this intensity of emotions does not last forever; Thus, this type of relationship is not usually stable.

dramatic couples

Finally, scholars affirm that there is a fourth group of couples in which the commitment is not complete between them. They are relationships in which the members allow themselves to be influenced by friends, family…, which puts their stability at risk, as it generates fights and cracks in the couple. They are relationships in which they are continually analyzing what the other is doing to question everything negative about their partner without paying attention to the positive aspects. And it is precisely this, and external influences (since they ask everyone for advice on their problems and allow themselves to be influenced by what others say), that determines for the worse many of the decisions they make.

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And you, what kind of couple are you?