Why Do I Bite My Nails? 5 Tricks To Leave Onychophagia Behind

Are you one of those who can’t stop biting your nails? Is it bad to bite your nails? Discover what onychophagia is and how to stop nail biting. Find the keys to quit this bad habit.

What is onychophagia?

Everyone at one time or another has been able To bite nails Although it is something that is very common, the reality is that nail biting or onychophagia, as it is known clinically, can indicate some psychological pathologies. So, what can we do to make our nails look unfashionable?

Why do I bite my nails?

Many people begin to To bite nails since children. After this period, a large part of those who abandon this habit. On the other hand, when nail biting goes beyond childhood, many people end up incorporating this behavior that is very difficult for them to stop or abandon.

Not biting their nails for people who adopt this habit can be quite a challenge. Actually, onychophagy It can mean a problem in our mental health and therefore, it is something that we should solve. Among the main reasons behind the habit of biting nails, psychology highlights the following.

  1. Frustration: On many occasions, people who resort to To bite nails They usually do it out of a feeling of frustration in a situation. In this way, the habit is resorted to simply to alleviate the symptoms associated with feeling frustrated.
  2. Concentration: This tendency can also be an unconscious habit that occurs when a person is very focused. In these cases, the person who begins to To bite nails He is usually not aware of this act since he does it to be able to concentrate on solving a problem.
  3. Stress, anxiety: There are many cases in which onychophagy It is synonymous with a nervous habit produced to relieve both the symptoms of stress and anxiety. In this way, the person begins to bite their nails because they want to relieve the feeling of anguish or nervousness associated with these two diseases that are so widespread today.Why do you bite your nails?
  4. Emotional or psychological problems: In some people, onychophagy It can be associated with certain emotional and psychological problems. According to psychologists, the most common are the following.
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Major depressive disorder (MDD)
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Tourette syndrome
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Nail biting does not have to mean a psychological disorder. Despite this, it is a habit that is sometimes associated with certain symptoms of different common diseases such as stress and anxiety. For this reason, if you think that you have onychophagia and you are going through a time of excessive nervousness, you may require the attention of a mental health professional.

How to stop biting your nails?

The habit of nail biting It is usually a difficult habit to break. Thus, psychologists recommend the following to know how to avoid nail biting.

  1. Get a cut or manicure frequently: Cutting your nails frequently can be a very effective solution against this habit. Furthermore, in order not to To bite nails You can also try to get a manicure frequently. If instead of stopping this behavior the person starts biting their fingers or around the area, this may be a sign that you may be suffering from excess stress, anxiety or another mental illness.
  2. Cover your nails with bitter nail polish: One of the most widespread techniques today to leave this habit behind is precisely the use of a bitter nail polish. When starting to bite your nails You will feel the bitter taste of this polish that will remind you that you want to quit this habit.
  3. Identify what causes it: What triggers onychophagy ? Solving this question can help you combat the habit of biting your nails as you try to solve the problem that causes you to access this bad habit.Keys to stop biting your nails
  4. Replace the habit: Another effective method for stop biting your nails It is precisely to try to change it for a healthier one. For example, if you think that this behavior may be associated with stress, you can buy anti-stress balls to replace this habit. This way, you will have your hands busy and you will stop resorting to biting your nails.
  5. Start with gradual changes: To replace the habit of nail biting, it is important to change this behavior gradually. The key is to start by trying not to do it with just one finger and apply it to the others when it has been accomplished over a period of time.
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The onychophagy It is a habit that must be replaced with a healthier attitude. Having the behavior of biting nails in adulthood may imply the presence of certain anxiety disorders or diseases associated with stress. For this reason, it is essential to go to a psychologist if you suspect this. Leaving this habit behind is possible through inner work.