Why Opt For Remote Psychological Therapy?

Why opt for remote Psychological Therapy?

Remote psychotherapy is one of the most used therapy methods in recent years. However, because all our lives we have become accustomed to presence in all aspects, there are people who do not know about this opportunity for psychological treatment, which brings many benefits. In this article we will name some of them.

Firstly, there is the time factor, which is markedly reduced, since the travel time to the psychological consultation is not necessary. People who have a busy schedule, with their minutes counted, are the ones who choose this type of psychotherapy the most; especially because it also gives them time flexibility.

The same thing happens with space, the therapy session can be done from anywhere, many people even do it in the car or during a break at their workplace. Likewise, it is not necessary to suspend treatment due to travel of any of the participants. Remote therapy has no geographical or time limits.

Reasons to opt for remote psychotherapy

For those who feel some difficulty in opening up and putting into words what is happening to them, the “like at home” environment facilitates expression and provides a feeling of confidence; that might not be experienced in a context unknown to the consultant. Added to this is that online therapy is more accessible for people with reduced mobility or some type of disability.

Another benefit is the objectivity of the professional regarding the situation of the person consulting. Cultural, social, economic and even climatic distance plays an important role in neutrality and approach to the problem. Thus allowing us to have more tools and different perspectives to work on the reason for consultation. The less immersion the psychologist has in the patient’s context, the greater his objectivity in the scenario he poses.

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In addition to these advantages, there are people who believe that remote therapy makes them feel less exposed, as if they retained some anonymity in front of the therapist, compared to the in-person format.

In this sense, There are people who prefer to be discreet about the fact that they are attending therapy which is facilitated with virtual therapy.

One of the most relevant contributions of distance therapy, and why a large percentage of people choose it, is the saving of money. This occurs, not only because of the transportation savings that we already saw above, but also because of the variety of therapists who offer much cheaper sessions than in your country of origin (for example), as a result of the currency exchange. Did you know?

Patients who choose this modality have claimed that they pay half, or even less than half, the amount they would pay with therapists in their country of origin.

The geographic factor is important

Now we are going to talk about the training of professionals in different parts of the world. As is known, education and training do not have the same level in some countries as in others. The reality is that there are certain professions that stand out academically, due to the instructive excellence provided by the place of training. For example, countries like Argentina or France stand out for the quality of training of their Mental Health professionals.

Another benefit of distance therapy is that The difference in culture, environment, dialect, economy and social class is a factor of enormous personal enrichment. Where two people connect with their differences and similarities, to contribute a large part of their experience and vision of life to the other. Exchanging ideologies, values, tools, ways of facing situations and perceiving life. Without a doubt, in this way a great enrichment is achieved for both parties.

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In this last benefit we can highlight that famous and so true phrase that says: “one plus one adds up to more than two.”

And what is its effectiveness?

As a last aspect to take into account when deciding to begin a psychological process remotely, it is worth noting that offers the same effectiveness as face-to-face therapy. Using the technological resources that the Pandemic gave us, we achieved great results by connecting through a screen. It has been proven that the effectiveness of the treatment is the same as if traditional, in-person therapy is performed.

Some current research maintains that the effectiveness of the treatment is even greater in remote therapies, since it facilitates its continuity, having fewer obstacles and excuses when attending the appointment. So now you know, if you are thinking about starting a therapeutic process, do not doubt that distance therapy is a good option; especially if you want to save money, time, discomfort, excuses and much more.