Your Emotions Are Like Children, They Need You To Pay Attention To Them

​I was also surprised when I read it for the first time, but I assure you that it helps you see everything more clearly.

Your emotions are like children, they need you to pay attention to them

The emotions They are wonderful and it is lucky to have them because they give you signs of what is happening to you, they give you energy, they help you adapt to the situation you are experiencing, they are like a thermometer because they show you your internal state, they help you make wishes, needs and protect you from danger so that you have a long life, among other things.

The emotions have a great influence on these brain functions that are so valued in our society such as memory the attention he reasoning and especially in taking decisions because making a decision from courage is not the same as making a decision from fear.

If you realize they are a pending subject in schools, we would surely make better decisions if we listened more to our emotions They really are incredible because they keep you alive, they give you the enthusiasm necessary to achieve your goals, in short, they help you live.

As I say, your emotions They are like children, need that you pay attention to them, if you are ashamed of feeling them or you do not pay attention to them, they come back louder, like them, they shout more and get your attention more until they drive you crazy.

The key is to honor your emotions and you will tell me: “what does it mean to honor my emotions”, well you must feel them deeply until it is no longer necessary, only then do you overcome it and only then do its intensity decrease.

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I’ll give you an example, imagine what you feel jealousy until you explode, I propose this emotion to you because most people do not admit to feeling jealous, they give any excuse because they know that it is not good to feel jealous, but emotions They are not good or bad, they are what they are. The important thing is not to be ashamed, think that this happens to people every day even if they don’t recognize it, do the exercise and feel the jealousy feel the emotion I know that hurts but I assure you that in a few days will disappear

But if instead of feeling them tapas with actions evasive like working excessively, arriving first and leaving work last, you play sports like crazy until you run out of breath, you look for accomplices to weaken by criticizing and crushing others or you take refuge in addictions such as alcohol, drugs… this emotion will return, I don’t know. It will go away, on the contrary, it will come back stronger and it will hurt you much more.

The key is that you understand its function and above all do not get overwhelmed or feel ashamed or guilty for feeling, all the emotions are hello good listen to them and feel them with all your strength, it is temporary emotions are not your enemies, they are your allies because they help you live.

Do you find yourself avoiding feeling your emotions?

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