8 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Friendship

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual friendship

In the current era the distances have been considerably reduced; People no longer need to see each other in person to establish or maintain a friendship. Since the arrival of the Internet, personal relationships have extended through the virtual network.

This relatively new variety of friendship has its pros and cons. In this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of virtual friendship understood as the link between friends who interact through the Internet.

What is a virtual friendship?

Before reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of virtual friendship or cyber friendship, let’s know what it consists of. This type of relationship is characterized by the bond that two or more people develop with each other through the web, through a computer or other devices that allow this interaction at a distance.

This is possible today in multiple ways, thanks to the significant advances that new technologies have had in relation to connecting people. Social networks are increasingly implementing new resources so that its users can interact with each other from wherever they are.

Taking into account all the aforementioned advances, we can establish that a virtual friendship is about the friendship relationship that people maintain solely and exclusively through any digital medium.

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Advantages of virtual friendships

Like all things, this form of friendship through new technologies has its positive things and those that are not so positive… Now we will see a list with the advantages that virtual friendship offers, and later we will review what the disadvantages it presents. .

1. They reduce distances

Virtual friendship is capable of bring people together even if they are territorially far away through the various chat servers that exist and free video calling services, it is possible to establish or maintain a friendly relationship while on different continents.

2. They provide a safe way of saying things

Some people find it more difficult than others to start a conversation in person, they are individuals with a shy personality and for them the Internet represents a safe medium in which they can express themselves with greater confidence and establish a friendly relationship with others.

3. They transcend cultural barriers

Virtual friendships have the characteristic of transcending the cultural barriers between some countries and others, taking into account that Internet users They are people from all over the world

One of the advantages of virtual friendship is that these users can meet each other in a forum or social network and start a lasting friendship through digital channels.

4. They provide a greater sense of equality

Virtual communication provides a feeling of equality that is quite pleasant for some people. In terms of virtual friendship, people often feel that There are fewer things that separate them and more things that make them similar

For example, it doesn’t matter if you have a particular physical condition, or if you are people who like parties, or stay home reading a book on the weekends. All of this is irrelevant in virtual friendship, since you only need to be willing to interact with the other through some device, there is no need to change your routine or appearance to fit into a group of virtual friends.

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Disadvantages of virtual friendship

Now that we have reviewed the main advantages of virtual friendship, let’s move on to see the most relevant disadvantages that this type of relationship presents.

1. It can generate isolation

Virtual friendships can facilitate that people prefer to stay locked in front of their computers as the only form of social interaction, or that they spend most of their time using their mobile phones.

2. The absence of physical contact

In conventional friendship relationships, physical contact is essential; a hug, a handshake, goodbyes with kisses on the cheek, are things that are an intrinsic part of a friendship relationship and make it grow. When it comes to a purely virtual friendship, this aspect is not met.

3. It can generate addiction

When people spend too much time interacting with their virtual friends, they could generate addiction to new technologies, which is a behavioral addiction. This type of addiction can significantly affect various aspects of the lives of those who suffer from it; The work, family, and personal spheres are the most common to be damaged

4. It lends itself to scams

Virtual contact with other people is a means that many scammers use to capture their victims, which is why you should be very cautious when starting a friendship with a totally unknown person over the Internet.