9 Signs Of A True Friendship: Why Is It Important To Have Good Close Friends?

What are the qualities of a true friendship? What are good friends like? Discover the signs of true friendships and the benefits of having these healthy bonds.

What a true friendship is like

How is a true friendship ? What are the signs that you have a good friendship? There are some signs that have long-lasting friendships that make them vital to having a full and happy life. But why is it so important to have true friends by your side?

What is a true friendship like?

There are some attitudes typical of a true friendship, that is, a bond that allows you to be yourself while you help each other improve. Among some common signs, we find the following:

  1. They push us to accept ourselves more: Many people have a very critical inner voice, which makes them feel bad about themselves. A true friendship It can help us change this self-perception of ourselves, providing support when these internal voices spread more than usual. In this way, a good friendship will push you to improve your self-esteem, especially in moments when you are not good with yourself.
  2. They point out where we are wrong: We all have defects and make mistakes. But what differentiates a true friendship of the others is that they allow us to see what we were wrong about. Therefore, they are able to point out what they see as negative about their friends with complete sincerity.
  3. They are present: The good friends They are there when you need them. A true friend makes your presence a priority. Therefore, when you have problems, you can always count on them.
  4. They really listen: Sometimes we talk to people who seem only interested in their own lives and never in those of others. Somehow, with these types of relationships, moments of relief are never satisfactory. However, in conversations with true friendships things work different. Being able to have an open, two-way dialogue with someone improves the chances of the relationship being stronger. What are true friendships like?
  5. They support us in the face of adversity: A true friendship It will offer you support in both success and adversity. In fact, you can trust these people to tell them the hardest aspects of your life.
  6. They help you keep stress under control: One of the hallmarks of a good friendship It is precisely knowing what motivates the other person. So much so that a true friendship relationship will help us make better decisions.
  7. Sincerity above all: Support is crucial in friendships But, in addition to this reinforcement, good friendships also tell us how hard or negative things may be happening around us, no matter how much it hurts us. Although honesty is not easy, it is very important for our bond.
  8. They practice forgiveness: We all make mistakes, in fact it is impossible not to make them. One of the qualities of a good friend It is precisely knowing how to forgive these mistakes that we can all make at one time or another.
  9. They make us want to be better people: The true friendship Not only does it stay with us as we grow, but it also makes us want to be the best version of ourselves.
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These are some of the main signs that it is a true friendship The difference between a good or toxic friendship can really make your mental health benefit or harm through the bond, therefore, it is important to know if those you surround yourself with are people who really bring you extra value. If you think you are facing a toxic relationship, it is important to go to a professional psychologist.

Benefits of having good friends

Benefits of true friendships

Have healthy friendships around us can make our lives improve both personally and professionally. When you are next to a true friendship, you get the following benefits:

  • Less loneliness and social isolation: Experiencing loneliness and social isolation can affect both physical and mental well-being, and unfortunately, more and more people are feeling lonely these days. When we are with friends we can feel less isolated, but when we have others true friendships On the other hand, these help us avoid loneliness.
  • Stress reduction: Everyone faces stress. In fact, it can come in both large and small doses, but it can always add up and make you feel overwhelmed. However, different investigations have indicated that a true friendship It can help you deal with this stress effectively and allow you to reduce the chances of facing some types of stress.
  • Personal development: Changing habits is very complicated. So much so that sometimes you can persist over and over again and not be able to get what you want so much. The true friends They can help you stay determined to practice healthier habits. That is, they help you be your best version.
  • Support in difficult times: Life is not always easy. Sometimes some situations can turn downright horrible. At any time, without warning, a situation can become traumatic to such a level that it affects your emotional well-being. The friendships They are always there supporting you, so much so that it allows you to increase your personal resilience.
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The difference between true friendship and a toxic relationship is that the first one can make mistakes, but they will always try to offer you positive things and the best for your life. In fact, having good friends by your side is important to both enjoy life more and achieve good mental health.