Dr. Fábregas Pedrell, Winner Of The European Awards In Medicine 2023

Dr. Fábregas Pedrell, winner of the European Awards in Medicine 2023

Dr. Josep María Fábregas Pedrell is a recognized psychiatry specialist in the area of ​​addiction treatment. His contributions to the field of intervention in addictions have recently been recognized by being awarded at the European Awards in Medicine 2023 in Psychiatry. Today, Pedrell continues to apply his experience and knowledge at the head of Clínicas CITA, in Barcelona.

Who is Josep María Fábregas Pedrell?

Dr. Josep María Fábregas Pedrell is a prominent psychiatrist with extensive clinical and academic experience. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, and graduated with honors. In addition, he has stood out for his commitment to excellence in the treatment of mental disorders and his contribution to the advancement of psychiatry.

The psychiatrist has focused its efforts on specializing in issues related to drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling and personality disorders. To date, she has more than 40 years of experience and has won different awards in the health area, including the 2022 21st Century National Medicine Awards.

After completing his medical training, Dr. Fábregas Pedrell specialized in psychiatry at internationally renowned institutions, such as the Salus Medical Center. There he received a scholarship to work at the Marmottan hospital in Paris as a collaborator of Dr. Claude Oliveinstein. He has a comprehensive approach to the patient, incorporating both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. Thanks to this, he has improved the clinical outcomes and quality of life of his patients.

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In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Fábregas Pedrell has been a leader in continuing medical education. He has given lectures and courses at numerous academic institutions. On the other hand, he also founded the Center for Research and Treatment of Addictions (CITA) in 1981. He is currently a national and international reference in the approach to these pathologies.

Most important achievements Josep María Fábregas Pedrell

Among the most notable achievements of Dr. Josep María Fábregas Pedrell is his contribution to the development of innovative treatments and more effective therapeutic approaches for addictions. At CITA they are characterized by being at the forefront of the newest techniques for the treatment of drug dependence and other common addictions like pathological gambling.

As a leader in his field, Dr. Josep María Fábregas Pedrell continues to inspire his colleagues and patients with his unwavering commitment to mental well-being and psychiatric research. His tireless work in clinical practice and psychiatric research has left an indelible mark on the medical community.

A message from Fábregas for you

Josep María Fábregas Pedrell was interviewed during the European Awards in Medicine 2023, at the Ritz Hotel Paris, and, to close, we want to share a part of his vision with you.

“I think that mental health is in a compromised situation and the need for approaches in more global, precise, and more integrative ways is evidence that we cannot ignore. We are going to have to take a step and change diseases as a category for patients, for people. Personalization is going to be absolutely necessary to move forward. And I am believing and testing the possibility of introducing psychedelics in mental health as a plausible option to try to open a little window with a little fresh air in a complicated world.”

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And you? What do you highlight most about Josep María Fábregas’ work?