Dreaming That You Are Pregnant Without Being Pregnant: What Does It Mean?

Dream that you are pregnant

The world of dreams is one of the areas of the human mind that has generated the most interest along the history. When this topic is combined with another topic as universal as pregnancy and motherhood, it is normal that a feeling of having questions to answer arises.

Specifically, it is relatively common for many women to dream that they are pregnant without being pregnant. These experiences are capable of provoking a state of understandable restlessness taking into account the emotional burden that pregnancy has, so the most common thing is to try to understand what that means.

So that…What does it mean to dream that you are pregnant without being pregnant? And why does this idea appear while you are sleeping? Let’s look at it while we explain several concepts related to how dreams work.

Dreams and their link with motherhood

First of all, let’s examine what dreams are and how they appear. Dreams can be understood as hallucinations, since they are experiences that apparently come to us captured through our senses even though none of that is happening outside our body; everything happens behind closed doors, in the operations of our brain.

The key question is… why do we dream? It is currently believed that dreams are the product of the process by which the nervous system reconfigures itself while we sleep so that all the parts that make it up can rest and prepare to face a new day of energy expenditure during the day.

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We dream more frequently when going through the REM phase in which our level of consciousness is relatively high but at the same time we are disconnected from the outside world.

On the other hand, Dreams usually refer to experiences that are familiar to us in some sense, and therefore pregnancy is an element whose appearance in them is not exactly uncommon.

The fact of being pregnant is something relatively easy to be included in practically any story devised by the brain during the stages of dreaming, and this experience can occur in a multitude of fictional contexts: in a calm moment at home, in a dangerous situation in which you feel that you have to protect both your life and that of your baby, etc.

In any case, when you start to examine what it means to dream that you are pregnant, it is that it has absolutely no relationship with the fact whether you are really pregnant or not.

The body has other, much more direct ways of revealing this, and none of them depend on the world of dreams but rather are reflected through hormonal changes and their physical manifestations in a woman’s body. So if it’s something that worries you, don’t worry: having been pregnant in one of your dreams It does not imply that you will soon have the news that you are going to be a mother.

The relationship between dreams and pregnancy is purely psychological, and not a clear biological link between them like that between fertilization and the interruption of menstruation.

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What does it mean to dream that I am pregnant without being pregnant?

Given the above, let’s move on to the main thing: what it means to be pregnant without being pregnant. Since dreams capture ideas and ideas are ultimately something that we analyze by searching for concepts and symbols in them, there is no single solution to this enigma: There are several interpretation routes for this type of dreams.

However, in practice these possible interpretations are not infinite, and the most frequent psychological causes that explain why this experience has been experienced are the following.

1. Concern about the leap into adulthood

A pregnancy does not have to be seen only as the beginning of motherhood. It may also imply the true beginning of life as an adult.

It is not in vain that we often define the meaning of the word “mature” to our ability to take care of responsibilities, and pregnancy is one of the clearest expressions of this; We try to make room in our lives for one more person who will depend on us.

Naturally, this involves radical changes in women’s lifestyle and the anticipation of this new way of living is capable of generating stress even years before the true transition from adolescence to adulthood occurs.

2. Desire to be a mother

This is possibly one of the meanings of dreaming that you are pregnant. Dreams are a kind of playground in which gives us room to fantasize and therefore it is normal that we tend to want to imagine pleasant situations when that is allowed.

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3. Concern about physical change

Growing up involves changing physically, and pregnancy is one of the experiences with the greatest capacity to change the body in a shorter period of time. Therefore, behind this type of dreams linked to motherhood, there may be an interest (either optimistic or pessimistic) for the change that time leaves in a woman’s body.

4. Dreaming that you are pregnant and you don’t want to be: social pressure

Another frequent meaning is that there is fear and anxiety about the social pressure that is exerted against many women to push them to be mothers regardless of their true motivations and desires.

That’s why, that fear can materialize in a nightmare for which the worst possible scenario has come true and she has become pregnant (even for many months, with a very swollen belly) despite not wanting to be that way.

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