Families With Dependency: What They Are Like And How To Manage Them

Families with dependency

There are two types of families: dependent families and detached families ; and if we add one more, this would be the ideal one, which is a balanced family.

In this article we will discuss the issue of dependency in the family environment and what can be done about it.

dependent families

Dependent families do not make it easier for their members to develop their personalities.

By not having reached this self-realization in which the person has found himself, emotional deficiencies that create emotional dependencies among their members ; Here we are not yet talking about another major dependence, which is economic.

Emotionally dependent families lack that distinction as individual people on an emotional and economic level.

The other level is economic dependence; when people are economically dependent on their marital members, It is preferable to make agreements so that the family system does not become unbalanced The economic dependent should have personal development activities to avoid falling into total dependence on his or her spouse.

When emotional and economic dependence come together, that tends to generate what today is known as toxic relationships. In the latter, the fights are constant, without resolution, at a level of a large number of insults, since in reality there is a fear that the other person will abandon us. Not having been able to develop one’s own personality, economic dependence becomes even greater and this causes great fear of being abandoned. In situations like this, people can fall into:

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Psychological dependence in the family

How to get out of dependencies in the family?

Please note the following tips to overcome these dynamics of dependency in the family:

The value of family therapy

To maintain the healthy development of people in the family system It is important to respect each member as they are as long as your conduct does not harm another member.

Go to family therapy It is essential to know what having a family entails, knowing what type of family you have, knowing how the family is organized and learning effective communication techniques as well as the life cycles that a family goes through as well as crises that it may or may not go through. pass.