How Can I Stop Feeling Lost? Finding Direction In My Life

I do not know what to do with my life

There comes a point in our lives when we question what we are doing, we like where we are, how we are, and it is the moment in which we generate changes, is the breaking point and starting point, we believe that we have hit rock bottom and that it seems like the end; but on the contrary it is the best moment of our lives because we finally get to question ourselves, and that is the beginning of personal transformation. Many of the answers are not to our liking. The difference is that before we did not stop to think, we only acted in autopilot mode, but now we have an awakening of consciousness that leads us to transcend.

I feel lost: what can I do to find my way?

That step that seems so simple (questioning ourselves) is the most transformative, because it allows us to stop, evaluate and continue, or generate modifications, now living in a more conscious way. Many times, for example, we usually start with the career we have studied, for example, many times we study that career “because they told me” that it was the best., I studied it at that university “because it was said” that it was the best, but I was only 15 or 16 years old when I had to make the decision of knowing exactly what to do when I would be 40 or 50 years old, I had to choose who to marry for the entire life. life, with medicine, with accounting, with nursing, I had to choose and I chose with the little experience I had at that time, such a transcendental decision in life is made when our prefrontal brain has not yet finished developing. And now at 30 I’m just questioning what I like, what I’m passionate about.

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On the other hand, people also reach a point in their lives where they feel very frustrated, for example in the workplace, on the one hand it is related to the previous paragraph and on the other because in the same way they have only followed social stereotypes. , and in the desire to meet the expectations of others, or meet the standards that “should” be met, the person has lost his essence, and is currently working in a place that he does not like, with a salary with the one who does not feel comfortable, with colleagues with whom he does not identify, in a company that does not agree with his values.

For this reason, I invite you to reflect, to self-evaluate your own happiness, if you are in a comfort zone in which you no longer feel comfortable, you have time to decide how you want to live your next years.. “You are the creator of your own reality”, what happens at the end of the year is the result of your decisions, what a powerful phrase, it resonated with me when I heard it and it is true that we are not trees so as not to move from where we are, What happens is that our limiting beliefs do not allow us to do so and hold us back; fear, intolerance of uncertainty and discomfort lead us to retreat.

I feel lost

the wheel of life

These points are worked on in psychological therapy, for more than 12 years I accompany people in their personal growth process and we always return to the point of what to do with our lives and always the first thing is self-evaluation. That is why I leave you a very valuable exercise: “The wheel of life”, an exercise in self-knowledge. Imagine that your life is a pizza, each piece represents a part of your life, a total of 10 pieces:

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Analyze the different areas of the wheel of life and define which area of ​​your life is where you are experiencing the greatest conflict. Score from 1 to 10, where 1 is I dedicate little time to it, I do not have this area well developed, I have left this area aside, I am not giving it due importance, and 10 where the opposite is true and you feel successful in that area. area.

Reflect and identify what you have been “Thinking, feeling and doing” to obtain those results that are not satisfactory in that area. Write down those ideas. Write in your personal growth notebook your findings and reflections on those “thoughts, affirmations and actions associated with your results” and ask yourself:

Reflect and analyze: How do you feel when you publicly acknowledge that that area of ​​your life is not working as you wish?

the wheel of life


This exercise gives you a clearer picture of where and how you are, it gives you a starting point to start from. I invite you to delve deeper into psychological therapy, receiving psychological support will help you set clear objectives., make a plan to achieve it and if the case warrants it, work on the obstacles that are not allowing you to move forward. I am happy to accompany you in this process.

When we were children we were good observers but bad interpreters, this means that many times we were able to draw conclusions according to what we thought was happening or the incomplete information we received, many times we did not have adults who could give us adequate emotional support. which led to us not fully understanding what was happening, and at our young age, criticism, indifference, and inattention were our worst enemies. When we were children we were more sensitive, more innocent, we had an innate tenderness that withered due to the experiences we lived and especially with the most significant people in our lives.

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When we were children, many things happened that we did not understand, sometimes we kept silent or asked for explanations but they did not know how to explain due to lack of knowledge of how to treat a child, so emotional wounds were created that remained there for many years and that Now they accompany us. And now that we are adults, in many cases we act from our wounded inner children, it is important to work on all of this in psychological therapy, because if we want a transcendental change we have to start from the beginning.

I want to find direction in life