How Do I Know If I’m With The Right Person?

Answer the questions in the video and discover the status of your relationship.

How do I know if I'm with the right person?

There are times when a relationship can generate doubts, fears, insecurities… Will I still be in love? Will it be my person? Why am I attracted to other men/women now?

Pay attention to this video:

If you have spent time reflecting on the previous questions you will have obtained a YES or NO for each of them. Tell them and read these conclusions and recommendations:

  • If you have/have answered everything with a NO. “Suspense”. You must rethink the relationship. These types of situations affect both personal self-esteem and the stability and deepest meaning of the couple. It does not contribute to feeling good about yourself or your partner.
  • If you have/have answered YES to 1 or 2 questions. “Needs improvement”.There are areas that are okay (safe areas) and there are certain aspects that require more trust and partner work. These questions do not reflect what a “perfect couple” would be, far from it, there are many relationships that survive without having achieved this and that feel good, it compensates them and they are satisfied, what we intend with this exercise is to invite you to reflect on what It would help improve the couple and feel better both outside and inside it. Through the five questions we explore the foundations of the relationship, necessary for the couple to function healthily in the long term. If any of these foundations are missing, the stability of what is built from there can lose strength and will be reflected in the form of problems or conflicts over time. It would be good to work on what you have answered with a NO.
  • If you have/have obtained a YES in 3 or 4 questions. “Properly progress”.There is more positive than negative, and this is very important. Like you, these would be couples who are quite consolidated but who, perhaps over time, have lost the magic in some aspect of the relationship (security, admiration…), although it is sustained thanks to everything else they have achieved together. You have the bases and the foundations, but when it comes to continuing to build the relationship you have gotten stuck in some task. I would include it in a problem with a solution. You have plenty of tools to improve the relationship.
  • If you have/have answered everything with a YES. “Outstanding”.You are with the right person. That person who helps you grow on a personal level and as a couple. He does you good and you do him good. You just have to focus on maintaining what you have achieved and be aware that this is what helps you be well. !! Congratulations!!
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Remember that these are mere indications. If you think there are aspects of your relationship that you need to fix, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a professional specialized in couples therapy.