How Do You Know If You Have Depression? The 9 Most Common Signs And Symptoms

Do you think you may have depression? Discover the most common symptoms of depression and how to detect them early. Enter and find the best way to know how to detect depression.

How do we know if we have depression? The most common symptoms

Depression, along with anxiety, is one of the most widespread psychological problems among people. However, there are many times that people talk to us about depression to simply refer to the state of mind they have when they are having a bad day. It is for this reason that many times we can confuse the symptoms of depression and it even makes it difficult for us. how do you know if you have depression Even so, there are some signs and symptoms that are very identifiable of this psychological pathology.

Have you ever spent the day crying? Have you felt apathy, slowness in your movement or insomnia? Have you felt unfocused, worthless, or a burden to others? You have probably had all of these sensations, sometimes separately, but other times all at the same time, however, this does not mean that you have suffered a depression

How to detect depression?

Suffering from depression It is something beyond being sad or bitter. The symptoms of depression become very unpleasant, especially if you feel it continuously for months or years.

Perhaps what you call depression is a bad streak in which it seems that you are not moving forward, perhaps it is similar to the feeling when you lose someone you love and your life collapses or when you become so immersed in work that the stress prevents you from thinking. clearly. So, how do you know if you are depressed? In order to visualize the symptoms of depression first you must know what this disease consists of.

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What do psychologists understand by depression?

First of all, you have to understand that the Depression It’s not just having a sad mood. Sadness is a feeling that appears in difficult, stressful or traumatic situations in life. Therefore, a sad person is not the same as a depressed person.

Although there are several types, from a clinical point of view, depression is characterized by a feeling of great sadness, loss of interest and the ability to enjoy the subject and a marked decrease in energy, as well as lack of motivation, loss of appetite and libido, insomnia, difficulties concentrating and exacerbated feelings of guilt and hopelessness. In the most serious cases, these feelings of sadness, disinterest and hopelessness can lead the person to lose the will to live, and therefore to think that the only possible solution is death.

The most common symptoms of depression

how do you know if you have depression? Symptoms of depression

The key to know if I have depression or to detect it is to really check if you feel each of the symptoms of depression. According to the DSM (Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders), to have a major depressive episode we must present at least 5 of the following symptoms for at least 2 weeks, and necessarily one of the first two:

1. Depressed mood

One of the ways of know how to detect depression It is seeing our attitude during the course of a day. A depressed person spends most of the day, almost every day, feeling very sad. On the other hand, these symptoms of depression in children and adolescents appear together with irritability.

2. Sharp decline in interest

In many cases people say to themselves ‘I think I have depression’ when they lose their ability to enjoy. So much so that one of the most visible symptoms of depression is this apathy for all the activities carried out on a daily basis.

3. Significant weight loss or gain

There are many cases in which people say ‘I have depression’ since they lose or gain a lot of weight. So much so that in many cases where we do not know how to detect depression, this can be a sign that tells us that something is wrong in our body, either physically or mentally.

4. Insomnia or hypersomnia

One of the symptoms of depression What people suffer the most from is insomnia or hypersomnia. Because of these sleep disorders, those afflicted end up feeling useless and reinforcing depression in all its aspects.

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5. Psychomotor agitation or slowing

Excess nervousness or slowing down our actions can be one of the most reliable ways to how to know if you are depressed In many cases, when there is excess bodily activity, there is a high probability that we are facing a psychological pathology.

6. Fatigue or loss of energy

One of the symptoms of depression less perceived is precisely this constant fatigue or loss of energy. This is due to the constant negative thoughts that come into our heads due to depression.

7. Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt

One of the signs of depression What is most persistent are precisely these feelings of worthlessness or guilt. So much so, that most people end up saying that I think I have depression precisely when they are held back by these recurring thoughts.

8. Decreased ability to think or concentrate

In depression, the most harmful symptoms are those that further fuel this disease. Therefore, achieve know how to detect depression It is so important. In this regard, difficulty concentrating or indecision foster even more consequences of depression such as insecurity and low self-esteem.

9. Recurring thoughts of death

When you have one of these symptoms of depression It means that you are in a very advanced state of this disease. For this reason, it is vitally important to know if I have depression and go to a specialist to treat these pathologies.

Each of these symptoms of depression must involve a change in the person’s normal activity and not be due to any illness or situation that causes them to feel them. There are many conditions for depression to occur., Even so, this disease is very recurrent in our current society. For this reason, know how to detect depression It is essential to be able to enjoy our lives and know how to value ourselves properly.

What to do if we have depression?

What to do if you have depression?

The depression It is a disorder that, like all disorders, develops over time, that is, it does not appear overnight and can intensify if attention is not paid to it. Therefore, it is important that on those occasions when the person feels overwhelmed, realizes that one or several areas of their life are beginning to be affected, or believes that they cannot cope with the situation in which they live, they ask for help. to a specialist.

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In the same way, there may be times in which the person themselves is not aware of what is happening to them, for the simple fact that the disorder itself does not allow them to see the state they are in, and they think that it is something temporary that does not need assistance. At these times, external support and the participation of people around them are especially important to encourage the subject to make the decision to attend therapy. In both cases, the specialist will take the necessary measures so that little by little the person resumes the activities they previously carried out, so that they find motivation, change their thoughts and expectations for more adaptive ones and so that they finally recover a more positive state of mind.

How do depression symptoms vary with sex and age?

In order to help you know how do you know if you have depression, it is essential that you know what your risk factors are, both by sex and age. So much so that there are differences between the symptoms of depression in both men and women, as well as in the age at which this disease is suffered.

  • Depression in men

It is more difficult to identify symptoms of depression in men since the vast majority of them find it difficult to recognize the feelings of self-hatred and hopelessness they suffer. So much so that in many cases they are not even interested in how to know if you have depression since these pathologies are not identified. In many cases, men experience symptoms of depression such as anger or substance abuse at a higher rate than women.

  • Depression in women

Women are much more likely to experience depression symptoms related to distress and sadness. On many occasions they feel guilty, have problems sleeping excessively and eat excessively. Therefore one way to achieve how do you know if you have depression being a woman is seeing these precise changes in attitude.

  • Depression in adolescents

Irritability, anger and nervousness are the symptoms of depression more common in adolescents and children. For this reason, it is important to know how to identify these signs and symptoms in our children in order to help them before this disease affects them both at school and on a personal level.

  • Depression in older people

In many cases, older people tend to suffer more physical depression symptoms such as fatigue or concentration problems. So much so that they can neglect their personal appearance and even stop taking certain medications critical to their health.

Know how to detect depression It can be vital not only to help our environment but also to attack this disease before it leaves us with much more physical and mental havoc. Our health may be in danger.