How To Be Happy Alone With My Children

How to be happy alone with my children

Happiness is a constant desire of the heart. Very often, dissatisfaction with the present arises from the rupture of expectations of a life plan that does not fit the previous ideal. Some people with children, for example, miss the love of a couple if they are separated, widowed, or have not found a stable relationship. The reason for sadness, in that case, is missing the support of a life partner. “How can I be happy alone with my children?”, perhaps you ask yourself this question with more or less intensity depending on your mood. If so, continue reading this PsychologyFor article in which we are going to give you some tips to achieve this goal.

Emotional intelligence to be happy with your children

Family is one of the most important values ​​in life and your children are your family. Think that the determining factor for your children is not that you have a partner, but that you are happy with your life. Something that is also essential for yourself. Take note of the following Tips to be happy without a partner and with children.

Seek external support

There are topics that you cannot share with your children, since due to age they cannot understand you. In other cases, you may prefer to keep them out of the matter. For this reason, it is very important that you have a support network, a network of trusted people with whom you can talk and share those topics, ask for advice, request collaboration or any significant aspect. The truly determining factor in these bonds of friendship is that you cultivate them so that they last over time.

Choose movies that you identify with

Cinema fosters emotional catharsis through stories that connect with the viewer’s state of mind. Romantic comedies show a prototype of happiness associated with life as a couple. However, in the universe of cinema you can also find titles that reflect stories of fathers or mothers without a partner. From time to time, select films that reflect a life script with which you can connect emotionally Through those characters who star in a plot different from the traditional one, you can expand your own vision.

Establish a reconciliation plan

This is one of the most important aspects you can consider to find harmony between professional development and quality family time. This conciliation plan includes the planning data that you are going to practice in your daily routine in relation to How are you going to organize your schedules Regarding this point, try to focus your job search on companies that promote support for work-life balance or, also, consider the possibility of teleworking due to its flexible schedules. Work is one of the most important resources for emotional and economic stability to plan a long-term family project.

Learn from your children

Your children can be your teachers in topics as important as the search for happiness. For example, observe how they live more linked to the plane of the present. Organize family plans May they excite you all. You can use an agenda designed exclusively to write down those beautiful activities that make you excited just by imagining them. The best plans are not the most expensive, but the simplest, for example, family excursions.

Speak positively about your own life

When a person misses having a partner, they run the risk of describing their reality from the lack of that relationship that they miss. Your language transforms reality. For this reason, make a firm resolution to talk about your life from a optimistic and pleasant outlook. For example, you can write your memoirs from a life perspective. Memories that you can keep in your privacy as a legacy of those reflections that you like to reread in those moments when you need a little energy.

Life is change and evolution

Do not make absolute deductions about your reality from your present situation. Therefore, Observe your current situation within the context of now A now that will most likely be different in a while. What attitude would you like your children to remember about you when they grow up? Find your answer and turn that fact into a personal purpose.

How to be happy only with my children - Emotional intelligence to be happy with your children

5 tips to be happy alone with your children

  1. Don’t live focused on what your life would have been like if you had had a partner. This is a form of comparison that generates great internal wear and tear because when you are at that point, you feel that reality is not so perfect. Every time such a thought comes to your mind and you are aware of it, change that reflection for an alternative For example, describe an advantage of your current situation.
  2. Create a routine with frequent schedules, habits and customs. These norms create roots in the home. Your children need these references to grow in a context of emotional security.
  3. Be proud of yourself because you resolve the different unforeseen events that arise during the day, you assume an important responsibility individually, you grow as a person and you are a role model for your children. Value everything you do every day.
  4. Don’t let yourself be conditioned by the comments of those people who make you feel that you need to have a partner to be happy. Don’t let these people convey their own limited view of the world to you. Don’t get defensive about those comments, just remember that your freedom is yours.
  5. have your own life to learn to be alone without a partner and be happy alone with your children. As far as possible, it is advisable that you have your own leisure activities and free time. Your child will observe this fact as a sign of joy in you. Your agenda is limited, however, if you organize yourself, you can surely find a space. It is healthy that you have your own autonomy.
  6. Find reasons for continued celebration Beyond birthdays or special days, find themes of gratitude. Create your own traditions with your children, for example, preparing a special dessert on Sunday. Share with them some of the traditions that you have learned from your parents and grandparents. Connect with that system of which you are part because, then, the feeling of loneliness disappears.

How to be happy alone with my children - 5 tips to be happy alone with your children

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