How To Deal With BPD As A Couple?: 6 Tips To Know How To Live With Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you have a partner with BPD? How can you deal with borderline personality disorder in romantic relationships? Discover the keys to living with a person with BPD.

Couple with BPD

People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) often have difficulties in their relationships, especially when it comes to a romantic bond. The reason for this is that BPD symptoms can cause constant changes in emotions, making interactions and relationships with others difficult. Even so, if you are a partner of BPD you should know that with treatment and support, people with this disorder can overcome these difficulties. But how living with someone with borderline personality disorder?

What happens if you are with a partner with BPD?

A romantic relationship with a person with BPD can be a little confusing due to the mood swings that this disorder entails. However, with effort on both sides, the relationship with someone who suffers from borderline personality disorder in couples can prosper.

Something to keep in mind when you are with an unstable person in your relationship is that you may feel hurt by actions or words that a person without BPD would not react to. Furthermore, in some cases they can even become obsessive. Still, having a couple with BPD It also has its positive side due to the sensitivity that people with this disorder usually have. Although it requires internal and external work on both sides, long-term relationships are possible with someone with this personality disorder.

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How can borderline personality disorder affect a couple?

The most common BPD behaviors and symptoms could be detrimental to any relationship. Although BPD people fall in love, the reality is that people with this disorder usually have many romantic relationships, and these are often short-lived. This could be because people with BPD may break up with others on purpose for fear of Let the couple do it first. Another reason is that a couple with BPD You may feel less comfortable due to the difficulties you experience due to your condition.

Given this, it is important to understand that you can have a healthy relationship even though your couple be BPD. Especially if the person with this disorder receives support and treatment from a professional who helps them find stability in their emotional state and relationships. Although receiving treatment will not cure your partner’s borderline personality disorder, the reality is that doing so will allow them to cope with the symptoms of this condition and react in ways that are not as harmful to them or their relationships.

How to live with a partner with BPD

How to live with someone with borderline personality disorder?

We can all have different approaches to love, therefore, being in a relationship always requires continuous learning on the part of both parties. Therefore, it is obvious someone with the borderline personality disorder will experience love relationships differently than a person who does not have this condition. Given this, we must take into account the following tips:

  1. Understand the disorder: Keep in mind that many of your couple with BPD They are not a personal choice, but a symptom. In this way, it is vital that you try to keep the other’s actions or words in perspective.
  2. Take care of your mental health: Faced with the actions of a unstable person in the couple, it is crucial to focus attention not only on the link between the two. It is advisable, then, to also focus on your emotional needs, your mental health and your personal safety. Whether you are willing to work to control your BPD symptoms is not up to you.
  3. Listen to it: An emotionally unstable woman or man in love, as may be the case with a person with BPD, needs to be listened to carefully. Being a good listener will help you understand what it is like to live with the BPD and its symptoms in a couple.
  4. Improve your communication skills: Effective communication requires work and is also essential in any type of relationship, but especially when someone suffers from BPD in the couple. To be able to communicate better with someone in a relationship, we recommend that, on the one hand, you think carefully about what you want to say to the other person, try to calm down before saying it and always express yourself from your personal opinion (without blaming others for how you feel).
  5. Set limits: The people with BPD in their relationship They try to get others to do for them what they should do for themselves. In the face of these attempts at manipulation or emotional blackmail, it is vital to know what the limits are and communicate them in the most relaxed way possible.
  6. Support the treatment of your partner with BPD: Although there is no definitive cure for borderline personality disorder, therapy can help control the symptoms of this disorder. Therefore, it is highly recommended that people with BPD receive appropriate treatment from a professional psychologist.
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When and how to end a relationship with a BPD?

There is a limit before which we must not give in to a couple with BPD. Consequently, we recommend that if your partner with BPD does the following, you consider ending the relationship:

  • Physical violence: No one should remain in a relationship where there is any form of violence, whether physical or verbal.
  • Too many limits: It is normal that a unstable person in the couple asks you for certain limits, but when these exceed your freedom too much, it is an unhealthy measure for the relationship to prosper.
  • Your partner with BPD is not willing to make changes: It is important that before BPD and its symptoms, the couple Be willing to treat it and make some changes in your behavior. So, if you’re not trying hard, it may be time to cut corners.
  • It is affecting your emotional health: Yes, by having one relationship with a BPD and his lies, or mood changes are affecting you mentally, it is important to know how much you can endure. Your mental health always comes first than that of others.

For ending a relationship with BPD It is important to be calm and have things clear. If this bond is affecting you too much or you do not dare to take the step, it is vital that you go to a professional psychologist.