How To Harmonize Professional Life With Being A Mother? Motherhood And Professional Development

How to harmonize professional life with being a mother?

Motherhood, like fatherhood, means experiencing a very profound transformation process in life. When you are a mother, your priorities, your belief system and even your values ​​change.. Your life becomes a constant giving, many conflicts dissolve in you and you give yourself in a totally renewing way.

However, this experience, which in itself implies personal development, comes face to face with another need: continuing with your professional development. Knowing how to harmonize motherhood and professional life is one of the most current and necessary objectives.

Depending on the country and culture this may be easier or more complex. In Spain, and much more so in Latin America, it can be very complex. If we are going to do something totally different, it is about living a process of change in which you develop the necessary personal skills to allow you to harmonize these two aspects so important and necessary in your life.

Motherhood and professional development

One of the great limiting ideas in relation to motherhood is to consider that once you are a mother, the work, the objectives or purposes are already over. just as we considered it. This is a limiting vision that ends up generating frustration over the years.

Being a mother or father and continuing to develop our professional life and living linked to our purposes is totally possible and necessary. In fact, it is the best example we can give to our sons and daughters.

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The problem is that no one has taught us how to do it.. Obviously, this is a greater problem today for women than for men (hence the article focuses on motherhood) due to the greater demand for babies and the labor system itself.

In the last 10 years I have accompanied people from up to 10 different countries as a psychologist and coach to live their change processes. Since 2015 (curiously, just when I found out I was going to be a father) I began to accompany more and more mothers or pre-moms who had exactly this goal: to learn to develop the necessary skills to continue growing professionally without this being the case. Absolutely a fact that is incompatible with enjoying your motherhood even with a great deal of daily dedication. Precisely for this reason and for having already accompanied so many mothers or mothers, I wanted to write this very special article.

I have decided to leave you the conclusions in this video. Hit play!

The process of adaptation to the new reality: being a mother and working

What is what leads to living motherhood fully, give the best care and example to your sons and daughters and at the same time develop and grow professionally? It is always personal skills. We are people and depending on how you make decisions, organize your time, plan, manage time, and above all how you understand and manage your emotions, everything will turn out.

The most necessary skills in this case are mainly three: productivity, communication and above all emotion management.

1. Productivity

Productivity does not mean that you “produce more.” Productivity is actually the way you manage resources (time is one of them) to achieve the results you need. The most productive is not the one who produces the most, but the one who knows how to produce what is necessary with the fewest possible resources and in the shortest possible time.

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If you develop your productivity you will learn to reduce stress, you will save time, you will make more conscious decisions, your personal relationships will improve (with the work team or with users or clients) and All of this will result in the time and quality of time you spend with your children..

2. Communication

Communication is the skill that It allows you to truly connect with others, empathize, establish limits and create collaboration.. We usually understand communication as just issuing information, but it is much more than that. Communication is issuing information in such a way that the other feels understood. Learning to develop your communication will help you both at work and in family life and when caring for babies.

3. Emotional management

And finally, the most important skill on which the previous two depend: emotion management. Every second of the day we feel emotions and they influence us not only in our mood but also in our interpretations of what happens.points of view, decisions, actions, relationships, etc.

Learning to have emotions on your side (rather than against you) is what will help you live based on acceptance, peace, trust and excitement instead of fear, insecurity, anger or guilt.


Living this process of change can be one of the most important turning points in your life.. One way to take a first step is as follows: go to and you can schedule a free first exploratory session. In that session we will get to know each other, we will explore the situation, we will find the origin of the problem, the definitive solution and above all how I can accompany you in this process of change so that you achieve it 100%.

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Motherhood and work are not incompatible, although it can be difficult. You will make it compatible. You will make it easy. Thanks to your own change, everything else will change.