How To Keep In Touch With Friends From A Distance

How to keep in touch with friends from a distance

To keep in touch with friends from a distance, use different means to communicate, send surprises and details, share your daily life, and celebrate special moments. It is said who has a friend, has a treasure. However, if, due to life circumstances, you are separated by land or ocean, a little effort and dedication will be essential to maintain the bond.

Facing a long-distance friendship is one of the most difficult events anyone can experience. However, you should know that no matter how many kilometers separate you: maintaining contact with friends from a distance is possible with a little creativity and desire. In this PsychologyFor article, we explain how to keep in touch with friends from a distance. Take note!

Use different media to communicate

If the Internet has any advantage, it is that it offers us the possibility of connecting with the people we love in a multitude of ways. WhatsApp, Zoom, video calls, emails, social networks… Each option has its charm and usefulness. So don’t limit yourself to just one medium of communication. Instead, turn to instant messaging for quick conversations voice notes and memes, and video calls for times when you need to be closer to your friends.

Additionally, you can also share a playlist about music, read the same book or watch a series together to have fun for a while and talk about it later.

Send surprises and details

To maintain contact with friends from a distance, small gestures and details. So why not resort to the forgotten and useful postal mail? A postcard, a handwritten letter or a surprise package are lovely ways to show how much you care about the other person. But what you can be sure of is that you will surprise him/her and brighten his/her day.

Visit him!

It is clear that technology is wonderful and that it offers endless possibilities, but when it comes to human relationships… there is nothing like being with the other person in “flesh and blood”! Therefore, whenever possible, Plan a visit to the place where your friend lives or invite him to spend a few days at your house. These trips are a unique opportunity to create new memories and talk about the times you spent together in the past. And although the visits are not frequent, the hug will have been worth the wait.

How to keep in touch with friends from a distance - Visit it!

Share your day to day

Inevitably distance will cause you and your friends to miss details of each other’s lives. However, to keep in touch with friends from a distance you can find out about your daily life through photos and videos. Therefore, be sure to share your achievements, failures and fun moments so that the friendship remains real and deep.

Organize virtual meetups

Watch a movie, play a video game, prepare the same recipe, or even attending online classes, are some of the many activities that you can do together thanks to the Internet. Not only will you share quality time, but you will keep the spark of friendship alive. Remember that the most important thing is the intention and the time you dedicate to being together, even if it is virtually. In this article, we propose Challenges to do with friends.

Celebrate special moments

Don’t let distance stop you from celebrating special moments like birthdays or important achievements. During these events, send a gift, organize a special video call, or just take enough time to write a message from the heart. Celebrating these moments will show your friend that, despite the distance, you continue to remember and value them. Here you will find ideas for original gifts for friends.

How to keep in touch with friends from a distance - Celebrate special moments

Show interest in your life

A friendship is not only defined by the good times, but also by the support we offer during difficult times. So don’t forget to be present for listen carefully and offer comfort when necessary. Likewise, to maintain contact with friends from a distance, be honest about your feelings and maintain open and honest communication to avoid any misunderstanding. In this article, we show you the keys to how to be a good friend.

Set a schedule

One of the main challenges of maintaining a long-distance friendship is finding the right time to talk, especially if you live in different time zones. A strategy that may work is create a little routine so that you can both talk by call or video call with each other. This will facilitate organization and mutual commitment. However, it is also worth remembering that each person has their own life and that setbacks can always arise. So be flexible and empathetic with your friend.

Be understanding and patient

In relation to the previous point, maintaining a long-distance friendship usually requires understanding and patience on both sides. And beyond the fact that everyone has their own commitments and routines, it is possible that, on the least expected day, your friend is busy, cannot respond immediately, or simply does not feel like talking. . Therefore, do not interpret these specific moments as a sign of disinterest. Get in the other’s shoes It is key to maintaining contact with friends from a distance.

How to keep in touch with friends from a distance - Be understanding and patient

Maintain a positive attitude

Being away from each other is often a difficult experience and, therefore, there will be days when your perspective on things is more pleasant and others sadder. However, the distance also can offer you opportunities to create new memories that one day they will be anecdotes. So focus on the positive aspects and opportunities that the situation offers you, such as the possibility of getting to know a new city when you visit your friend.

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