How To Regain The Desire To Do Things

How to regain the desire to do things

There are different circumstances in which we may feel less receptive to plans and projects. In many cases, this emotional state is the result of a previous stage of excessive activity that has led the person to physical and mental exhaustion. On other occasions, this discomfort may be associated with deep sadness. Disappointment from failure or heartbreak are emotional states that can be associated with this personal situation. In PsychologyFor we tell you the keys to how to regain the desire to do things If you find yourself in one of these two situations to reconnect with the vital state of joy beyond that initial apathy that produces a feeling of stagnation.

How to regain the desire to do things after a heartbreak

An experience of heartbreak is one that touches the heart closely. Pain weakens those who suffer this experience. For this reason, you feel that you do not have the same desire as before to undertake new activities. What to do then?

  1. Practice self-motivation One of the most important aspects of breaking this cycle of negativity is to understand that the motivation for a plan is not always at the beginning of the action. In many moments, it is the consequence of having made a plan. That is to say, even if you initially prefer to stay at home, think that you will simply feel better if you go for a walk, go to the movies, meet up with friends or start a new personal project.
  2. Apathy attracts apathy This is one of the reasons why laziness that lasts over time does not produce rest, but rather more fatigue. Produces a state of lethargy. On the contrary, when you break that inertia and connect your mind and your decision with a concrete action, you generate the beginning of a new habit after having broken the dynamics of previous sensations.
  3. Choose an activity that you like, that hobby that you always loved but that you haven’t practiced in a while or, simply, this could also be a good time to take a course on a new topic. You can also take a trip, even for a weekend, to a destination close to your home. A trip is an important anchor point to mark a turning point with respect to the daily routine.
  4. Adjust your expectations Living a new experience, meeting new people, leaving home for a while or giving yourself the opportunity to live in the present are very valuable reasons to undertake a new activity. However, take these resolutions as a wish that for them to be possible you must give yourself the opportunity to try them. The main expectation right now is to break the inertia of inactivity. This is the definitive step.
  5. Give yourself a deadline There are specific dates that can be significant on the calendar to mark the beginning of a new cycle. For example, the start of a new season, your birthday, any Monday or the start of a new month.

In this other article we tell you how to be happier every day so that you can keep in mind some tips that will help you feel the desire to live again.

How to regain the desire to do things - How to regain the desire to do things after a heartbreak

How to regain the desire to do things after failure

Some failures weaken the will that is protected by a shell that leads the protagonist to position himself in a predictable comfort zone. When a disappointment produces pain, it means the death of a previous illusion. In this way, the person can experience a period of internal mourning. How to regain the enthusiasm to do things after failure?

  1. Find time every day to concentrate on something you love, an activity with which your mind escapes from any worries. For example, if you love reading, enjoy good stories. Emotional pleasure is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for happiness. For this reason, these moments fuel your motivation to do new things.
  2. Analyze the reason for this situation of stagnation. At this point, it is not only important that you identify the specific situation, but also your internal dialogue based on that fact, that is, the interpretation that you have given to that reality. Because it is on this plane that the true blockage resides. Maybe this is a good time to generate alternative thoughts around that issue. Change those negative and limiting ideas for other reflections typical of a growth mindset.
  3. Don’t make excuses Simply set a simple goal that is close in time. In this way, you overcome that previous emotional state. The first step is the most difficult, but from that moment on, everything flows. Also, share your purpose with other people in your immediate environment. Thus, you experience that contagion effect that you feel when you receive positive feedback from other people who are happy with your own dreams.
  4. Start today When a person experiences a period of disappointment due to a failure, they usually think that any other future moment is better than this to take a new action. Change this thinking. The best time to enjoy life is today. What are you going to do today to benefit your own well-being? And what are you going to do so that the step you take today brings you closer to the place you want to be tomorrow?
  5. Process of coaching This experience is significant on a personal level since, through the coach’s powerful questions, the client delves deeper into himself and becomes aware of how he has the power to project significant changes in his life based on specific decisions. One of the risks of apathy that arises after a failure that has led to stagnation is that the person becomes entangled on the theoretical level but finds it difficult to make the step to the level of action. A coaching process is a positive initiative to limit these decisions to reality. Just as after the summer vacation it is advisable to return to your routine gradually, at this time, you can also define an action plan that goes from less to more in intensity.

This article is merely informative, at PsychologyFor we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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