Nacho Vidal’s Treatment: A Case Of Resistant Major Depression

Nacho Vidal's treatment: a case of resistant major depression

Former porn actor Nacho Vidal has recently appeared on the television program “Lo de Évole”, explaining his admission to CITA Clinics to treat the depression that has been affecting him.

Although this is a health center specialized in the treatment of addictions and he has sought help specifically for the depressive disorder he developed, it is worth keeping in mind that, ultimately, addictive disorders are also a problem that is addressed from the psychotherapy and medicine. It’s more, the case of Nacho Vidal and his search for professional help for depression shows that psychopathologies linked to mood must be addressed both from pharmacology and from emotional management through the training of certain abilities.

What is treatment-resistant depression?

The psychopathology that affects Nacho Vidal is major depression, a mood disorder that is among the most common psychological disorders and is no less serious. This problem has an impact on all areas of the lives of those who suffer from it; The way it affects them is by generating in them a state of hopelessness, an absolute lack of motivation and the ability to get excited or to feel genuine joy or pleasure, and a tendency toward social isolation and the development of other mental disorders through a lifestyle unhealthy.

Within the concept of major depression, it is possible to distinguish several typologies depending on aspects such as the type of symptoms that predominate or the duration and response to treatment. In the case of Nacho Vidal, it is resistant major depression which, as its name indicates, is characterized by not remitting after several weeks of treatment (especially pharmacological treatment).

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Treating depression with ketamine

That resistant depression is a more complicated depressive disorder to treat does not mean that it is impossible to overcome it. In fact, there are strategies that have proven effective in these situations, such as the use of ketamine.

This substance, used well and under medical supervision, allows you to combat treatment-resistant depression in a matter of hours, instead of waiting months for the first positive effects. This not only means that the patient feels better; In addition, it enhances his motivation and makes it easier for him to commit to the successful course of therapy. That is why at CITA Clinics we have chosen to use this medication to intervene in depression at a neurochemical level and also generate an inertia that facilitates the functioning of the rest of the components of the therapy.

However, Not everything is reduced to consuming a certain drug without further ado ; Mood disorders are complex disorders, with several causes and triggers, and they also offer a variety of resources to facilitate their remission. That is why other factors intervene in the treatment of Nacho Vidal’s depression, such as psychotherapy, training in emotional management skills, and offering a context full of possibilities to develop hobbies and new personal projects.

Thus, ketamine treatment is one of the therapeutic pillars of healthcare for patients like Nacho Vidal. Another of them, for example, consists of facilitating the transition between Nacho Vidal, the public figure known for years of appearances in the major media, and Ignacio Jordá, his true identity beyond the professional field. In this sense, Nacho Vidal’s story is one of overcoming, of accepting one’s own imperfections and of the need to have help at key moments in life, something that is often ignored in the world of famous people.