Obsession With A Person: How To Stop Being Obsessed With Someone?

Do you think you are obsessed with someone? Do you know that obsession with a person can reflect a psychological problem? Discover how to remedy an obsessive love according to psychology.

How to overcome obsession with a person?

Who hasn’t ever liked someone famous? Who hasn’t become obsessed with a person they were attracted to? It is true that in adolescence admiration for a well-known character is more than usual, it is what is known as the phenomenon of fanaticism. On the other hand, obsession with a woman or a man can happen at any stage of our life. Even though we can see obsession with a person As something normal, the reality is that becoming obsessed with someone can cause some psychological problems. The moment you ask yourself if it is love or obsession, perhaps you are engaging in inappropriate behavior.

When do we talk about obsession with a person?

Now, the line between admiration and obsession is very fine. It is one thing to go to their concerts, public events and quite another to do things that threaten your safety and/or legality to get a selfie or to feel close to him/her. The obsession with a person It can become such that they end up harassing them or, in the most serious cases, trying to kill them.

In this way, the obsessive love It is a condition in which a person becomes obsessed with another person because they believe they are in love with them. So much so that sometimes an obsession with a person can cause the idea that they are in possession of them.

Although obsession with someone is not a mental health illness, the reality is that this way to become obsessed It can evolve into a personality or psychological disorder.

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Symptoms of love obsession

Detect a problem when someone feels a obsession with a person and their symptoms It can be difficult for the person to tend to obsess over someone. The obsession with a woman or a man in an almost unhealthy way can be detected if the following characteristics exist.

1. Overwhelming attraction to a person

When someone is obsessed or has a dangerous obsession of this style, the person in question thinks that their loved one is perfect and ideal for them.

2. Obsessive thoughts about the person

The love obsession It is of such caliber that you cannot stop thinking about it. In this way, thoughts are full of fantasies with the loved one.

3. They feel the need to protect them

When someone has an obsession with a person He ends up trying to protect her from certain situations in which he or she does not participate. That is why she will try to be present at some events to which they have not been invited.

4. Possessive attitude

When there is the obsession with a man or woman The feeling of possession towards him or her is present in any of the actions of the person who suffers from it. So much so that he can act in an aggressive manner in certain situations that he loses the feeling of ‘possession’.

5. Extreme jealousy

Pathological jealousy is present in this obsession with a person So much so that those who have the obsession end up feeling it when their loved one talks to friends or even family.

6. Low self-esteem

A person who tends to become obsessed with someone usually suffers from low self-esteem and self-perception. In many cases, they seek these impossible loves due to the lack of esteem they have for themselves.

If you think you can have obsession with someone and its symptoms, it is essential to try to solve this type of obsessive love. In many cases the help of a professional psychologist can be vital since these types of feelings hide a psychological pathology behind them.

Love obsession common symptoms

What are the causes of obsession?

The existence of platonic love is common and we are not surprised to have experienced it at some point. It occurs after the idealization of that person. Practically nothing is known about him/her and in the person’s mind we begin to speculate and imagine what he/she will be like in certain circumstances, to such an extent that we believe we know that person because we have “tailor-made” him/her in our imagination. .

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Now, the platonic love It usually lasts a short time and is limited to one stage of life (adolescence). Admiration becomes obsession when the person cannot stop thinking about their beloved character and it takes up almost all of their time. He follows her on social media all day long, answers everything she writes and tries to contact him/her at all costs. This admiration or dangerous obsession becomes pathological because it becomes harassment, in addition to the fact that the person stops taking into account other aspects of her life to focus on her loved one.

On many occasions that obsession It is related to some mental pathology, that is, not everyone who is attracted to a person will end up obsessed with him/her. For this to happen, the person’s life is usually empty, there is great personal dissatisfaction and a parallel reality is created, a topic that occupies all of the time so as not to think about what one has. Furthermore, behind these situations there are pathological personality patterns that can lead to this problem.

There is a disorder called erotomania where the delusion occurs that the person is in a romantic relationship with the known person and despite there being evidence to the contrary, that illusion is not abandoned. Other common disorders are Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder or Histrionic Disorder.

How to stop having an obsession?

How to overcome a love obsession?

You can try to mitigate the effects of obsession when there is a degree of awareness of the problem. In cases of serious mental disorders, the person is not aware that what they are doing is problematic, so it must be loved ones or family members who seek help from a psychology and psychiatry professional, since in many cases Sometimes the use of psychotropic drugs may be necessary. Now, if there is awareness that what you are doing is an obsession this is what you can do:

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1. Focus on your life

Many times the obsession with a person It appears because it is better to create an illusion than to focus on what is not working in your life. Be aware of your dissatisfactions and difficulties, that is what you must change, because it is also what you can change.

2. Make your life more satisfying

If the problem is that you don’t have a social network, look for activities that allow you to meet new people and then try to take care of those relationships; If you have problems at home, talk to your family and try to solve them; If the problem is that you don’t have a partner, learn to be alone and do activities that allow you to meet boys or girls; If your work life is not working, look for a job change, etc. Work on working on your reality and leave this behind dangerous obsession since this is a way to escape from this.

3. Be realistic

Having a relationship with a famous person is like finding a needle in a haystack, in addition to all the problems it entails: the famous person is constantly away from home, it is difficult to have family stability and if you are a jealous person that would be torture. feeling that the person in question is desired by many people. When you obsession with a person It is with someone in your circle, you can try to get to know her but leaving aside this love obsession since it does not fit reality.

4. Be aware of what you have created

Do you really know that person that much or have you invented their way of being, their virtues and defects? You sense what it is like from comments he has posted on social media and certain conversations, but you have filled in everything else with assumptions. Be aware of that invention and from there work down to reality.

5. Work on your self-esteem

To know how to get rid of an obsession For someone you must work on your own esteem. In this way, the more you foster love for your virtues and try to improve your defects, you will see how the obsession with a person you don’t know disappears.

When a appears obsession with someone On many occasions it means that there is a personal problem that we must solve. Therefore, obsession is an alarm signal that we must take into account.