Procrustes Syndrome: Why Do We Hate The One Who Stands Out?

Procrustes syndrome is the reason behind the hatred of those who stand out. Why happens? How can we identify it and what can we do about it? Find out.

What is Procrustes syndrome?

Have you ever encountered people who are jealous of the successes of others? He Procrustes syndrome It refers to those people who, due to their insecurities, try to eclipse or belittle those who can surpass them in some aspect. In fact, they tend to take it out on anyone who stands out more than them. Why happens?

What is Procrustes syndrome?

He Procrustes syndrome points to the tendency of some people to reject those who have characteristics different from their own for fear of being surpassed or questioned by these individuals.

Although this phenomenon is commonly known as ‘Procrustes syndrome’ We must bear in mind that it is not a clinical disorder registered in the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-V). That is, it is not a syndrome in itself, but rather a psychological fact proven through scientific studies and research.

Therefore, when someone stands out or stands out in some aspect, attitudes of discrimination or even a degree of harassment towards it are established. Normally, people who act under Procrustes syndrome tend to avoid relationships with that person, as well as criticize their attempts to be part of the group.

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What type of people manifest Procrustes syndrome?

Many times Procrustes syndrome It usually occurs in people who feel a high level of frustration due to their lack of control over events. These sensations mean that people with this tendency are also affected by having low self-esteem.

It also usually occurs in those people who have suffered disrespect at work or at school, as well as different stressful events that have led them to doubt their own abilities. On the other hand, this contempt for stands out It also occurs in those people with too high self-esteem, that is, in individuals with a narcissistic tendency.

Why is it called Procrustes syndrome?

The myth of Procrustes

The name Procrustes syndrome comes from Greek mythology. According to legend, Procrustes He was a man of extraordinary height and strength who lived in some hills, where he offered lodging to those travelers who required it. When the travelers who arrived at his house slept, Procrustes gagged them and tied them to the bed to finish them off in a very cruel way.

This macabre tradition continued until Theseus reversed the game by challenging Procrustes to see if his body would fit the size of the bed. When this happened, Theseus gave him some of his own medicine.

At the moment the myth of Procrustes It is used to refer to those people who try to get rid of or belittle those who stand out. That is, those who in practice, instead of making an effort to improve and further develop their skills, decide to limit those of others.

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How do you recognize a person who suffers from Procrustes syndrome?

In order to identify someone who suffers from this ‘syndrome’, there are some common signs that these people usually present.

  • Dominant attitude: When someone has the Procrustes syndrome He usually adopts a dominant attitude to hide his insecurities and feelings of inferiority. This is why they feel threatened by someone who stands out and can surpass them.
  • He is on the defensive: Normally, people with this syndrome tend to think that everything is a threat to their self-esteem and personal integrity. That is why they tend to react to any comment or attitude by becoming defensive.
  • Warps reality in your favor: In some cases people with Procrustes syndrome They tend to distort reality so that it adapts to their ideas. That is, instead of looking at objective data, they tend to manipulate this information to feel better in front of those who stand out.
  • Accumulate too many responsibilities: In order to stand out people with the Procrustes syndrome They can take on many responsibilities with the aim of trying to be better than others.
  • Develop a strong resistance to change: Most people have great resistance to change, but those people with Procrustes syndrome tend to be more resistant since they fear not being able to adapt to other environments. In fact, anything that makes them leave their comfort zone generates a certain amount of rejection and fear.
  • Express judgments in the form of absolute truths: For people with Procrustes syndrome, the only ideas that are valid are yours. In this way, they try to make others see their own ideas and judgments as valid.
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How to deal with Procrustes syndrome?

How to deal with these situations?

It is not easy to live with someone with Procrustes syndrome In many cases, those who have a relationship with someone who limits them or who is always on the defensive often end up taking certain toll on their mental health.

When someone close to us behaves like Procrustes, it is important to try to end their strategy without losing your cool. On many occasions, you should know that it will be almost impossible to change their way of being and thinking since we will not be able to prevent their attacks from affecting us.

In these cases, if you think you may be affected by a person who treats you poorly because of this, it is important that you consult with a mental health professional. Envy of others can cause a lot of havoc.