The 4 Keys To Achieving Real Changes In Your Life

Keys to make changes

Throughout our lives we encounter unpleasant experiences or sensations that are repeated as if we live inside a circle and we can’t find the way out.

They can be experiences related to your emotions (fear, anger, guilt, insecurity or anguish), your self-esteem (the way you see yourself and relate to yourself), your personal relationships (breakups, dependency or lack of assertiveness) or even the professional plot (feeling like you have a roof over your head or feeling too much stress, little productivity and lack of control at work). How to get out of that circle?

The only way to achieve changes in your life is through your own personal change. However, real, authentic and deep change is not something that is achieved with videos or talks but rather by living a deep process of change where you discover what has to change or develop in yourself so that everything else changes. You can’t change what happens outside, but you can change your way of relating to yourself, to others and to the world.

That’s what will make everything change. There are 4 keys to achieving real changes in your life and today you can start applying them.

Why does it sometimes not work?

On many occasions, people tend to try to achieve changes over and over again and rarely achieve them. Many people go to a psychologist or other types of activities (workshops, courses, etc.) and do not achieve the expected changes.

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Of course, this does not invalidate psychology, which is the training necessary to accompany a person in a process of real change. The problem is that the method does not accompany the person in a process of real change, but rather imposes a prior theory on them or it is only a matter of resigning oneself to what happens without there really being a plan with different actions that will take you towards your goal. change. A real, lasting, deep change, where you discover what is wrong and how to solve it. In short… results, but not material results, but life, well-being, emotional and human results.

If you want to take the first steps in your process of change, at you find free programs that help you discover the path: Get excited to learn to manage your emotions (fear, anger, guilt, insecurity), Get over yourself to improve your self-esteem and personal relationships, Get to know yourself to increase your self-awareness and discover your life purpose, and Empower yourself to improve your experiences and professional results.

Key 1: have a goal

Many people believe that the goal is something rigid and that it is better to “flow.” However, it is not incompatible. In fact, having a goal is totally necessary and essential since it commits you and guides you towards the change you want.

If you later discover that your objective and the change you need is different, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that having a goal has made you begin to experience changes. Without a goal, you continue within that circle.

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Key 2: commitment

When the commitment is not 100%, there are usually small excuses when it comes to experiencing that change that finally become a snowball. This is why many attempts fail. Your commitment must be total to live your process from the beginning to the end, where the change and the results arrive.

Key 3: the time factor

Imagine that your goal is to lose 2 kilos. It is totally different if you consider losing two kilos in 3 months… than in 3 weeks. In 3 months it is very possible that time will stretch so far that you will not miss them, while in 3 weeks it is totally possible and that will make you have more concentration on your diet, rest or exercise. If you also plan to lose 3 kilos but you don’t know when… the process will become infinite and the changes will never come.

This is the main problem with accompanying methods. If you don’t know how long you want to achieve the change, the focus will be much smaller.

Key 4: the expert company

The expert company is not the one that gives you advice, guides or guides you, but rather the one that accompanies you like an expert mirror, helps you see yourself and broaden your point of view and delve deeper into what is happening. But, above all, expert company generates a commitment that makes you look for different actions and that is why your learning accelerates and becomes deeper and more stable. The expert company is what also guarantees that the change is 100% a reality and is not just another attempt.

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Your well-being and personal development is more important than any other distraction. If you want to achieve change, be the change and go for it.