The Best Alebrije Names

Immerse yourself in the creativity of alebrijes with unique and colorful names. Explore the Mexican tradition behind these fascinating creatures and find the perfect name for your own work of art.

Names for alebrije

Creative Alebrijes Name Ideas

Dive into the diversity of names for alebrijes, from vibrant and aquatic to mystical and celestial. Find the perfect inspiration to name your colorful fantastic creations.

Names of colorful alebrijes

Immerse yourself in the explosion of colors with perfect names for vibrant and cheerful alebrijes:

  • Rainbow
  • Marine Light
  • skyfire
  • Aurora
  • Spring

Names of aquatic alebrijes

Discover ideal names for alebrijes inspired by creatures of the sea and oceans:

  • Oceanic
  • Maritime
  • Coralito
  • Turquoise
  • Neptune

Names of mystical alebrijes

Explore the magic with names that capture the mystical essence of alebrijes:

  • Spectrum
  • Charm
  • Spell
  • Eternal
  • Magical

Names of terrestrial alebrijes

Enter the earth with ideal names for alebrijes inspired by terrestrial nature:

  • Rocky
  • Newfoundland
  • Sketch
  • Savannah
  • Terracotta

Names of celestial alebrijes

Elevate your imagination with names that evoke the beauty of the sky and stars:

  • Stellar
  • Lunatic
  • Nubilis
  • Celestine
  • Astral


These names offer a variety of options to bring your alebrijes to life with unique personality and style. I hope you find inspiration in these ideas for your creations.

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Names and types of alebrijes

There are two main categories of alebrijes: those based on real animals and those that are fantastic and mythological creations.

Alebrije name

Alebrijes based on real animals:

These alebrijes are inspired by animals that exist in nature. Mexican artisans use their creativity to transform them into unique and colorful creatures. Some examples of alebrijes based on real animals are:

  • Rabbit: It is a symbol of fertility and abundance. Rabbit alebrijes are adorable and decorated with soft colors and subtle patterns.
  • Snake: Represents the duality between death and transformation, as well as wisdom and healing. Snake alebrijes often have sinuous designs and contrasting colors that represent their enigmatic nature.
  • Lion: Represents strength and courage. His figure is imposing and is characterized by its vibrant colors and intricate patterns.
  • Eagle: Symbolizes freedom and nobility. The eagle alebrijes are majestic and stand out for their meticulous details and powerful expressions.
  • Owl: Represents wisdom and knowledge. Owl alebrijes typically have large, expressive eyes, and are decorated with bold colors and detailed designs.

Fantastic and mythological alebrijes:

These alebrijes are products of the imagination and creativity of Mexican artisans. They are based on fantastic creatures and mythological beings. Examples of fantastic and mythological alebrijes include:

  • Dragon: A mythical being that represents strength and power. Dragon alebrijes usually have majestic wings and bright colors that make them stand out.
  • Unicorn: A legendary being that symbolizes purity and beauty. Unicorn alebrijes are charming, with pastel colors and delicate details.
  • Siren: A being half human and half fish, which symbolizes beauty and mystery. Mermaid alebrijes are fascinating, with scaly tails and bright colors.
  • Chimera: A creature composed of parts of various animals. Chimera alebrijes are intriguing, with unique combinations of shapes and colors.
  • Tap: A being half eagle and half lion, which represents nobility and courage. Griffon alebrijes are stunning, with detailed plumage and powerful looks.
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History of alebrijes


Origin and creator of alebrijes

The history of alebrijes begins in the 1930s in Mexico, thanks to the talent of a prominent artisan named Pedro Linares. According to the story, Linares had a vivid dream in which he found himself in a forest surrounded by strange creatures. Inspired by this vision, he decided to bring these fantastic creatures to life through his artistic skill.

Using materials such as paper mache, wood and cardboard, Linares shaped the first alebrijes, capturing the essence of his dream and creating unique and colorful figures.

Evolution and popularization of alebrijes in Mexico

As time went by, alebrijes began to gain recognition and popularity in Mexico. At first, these handcrafted figures were admired mainly by the inhabitants of the Oaxaca region, where Pedro Linares lived and worked. However, the unique characteristics and charm of alebrijes soon caught the attention of people across the country.

Over time, alebrijes began to be displayed at fairs, exhibitions, and cultural events, allowing an even wider audience to marvel at these fantastic creatures. Mexican artisans also contributed to the evolution of alebrijes, incorporating new materials, techniques and designs into their creations.

Today, alebrijes are considered an iconic artistic expression of Mexico and are an integral part of its cultural heritage. These beautiful and vibrant figures continue to be valued and admired by both Mexicans and visitors from around the world, who recognize the talent and creativity of the Mexican artisans who bring these imaginary beings to life.