The Mirror Technique To Improve Your Self-esteem

Mirror technique to improve your self-esteem

Self-esteem is a sum of perceptions, evaluations, emotions and behaviors oriented towards oneself, towards how we are and what we do, and towards physical characteristics and our way of being. In short, it is the perception we have of ourselves.

On the other hand, Self-esteem is very important in your life because it affects your character and the meaning you give to your personal worth. In this way, it affects your way of being, acting in the world and living with others. Your way of thinking, expressing and feeling your emotions, deciding and behaving is directly influenced by the self-esteem you have.

In this article we will see What is the mirror technique used to achieve adequate self-esteem?.

This is how having good self-esteem influences us

Your self-esteem is closely related to the way you feel that you are valued, loved and appreciated by others, and also with how you value, accept and love yourself.

When you achieve healthy self-esteem you feel good about who you are, you appreciate your own worth and feel proud of your abilities and goals achieved.

On the contrary, when your self-esteem is low you feel that no one will like you, that no one will accept you or you consider that you are not good at anything.

Anyone can have problems with self-esteem throughout life. In fact, When our self-esteem is especially vulnerable it is during adolescence, since it is when we are discovering who we are and what our place in the world is. In adulthood we are also exposed to suffering from self-esteem problems, when we go through critical periods in our lives (separation from a partner, loss of job…).

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But there is good news. As the idea we have of ourselves changes over time, self-esteem It is not immovable or fixed for life. So, if you feel that your self-esteem is low, you can increase it.

The mirror technique

With the mirror technique you can improve your self-esteem, since It is based on personal observation of each person in front of the mirror as well as the environment in which we develop.

With the help of a mirror we can improve our self-esteem and, through several questions, you will be able to guide yourself by observing yourself, and doing your own introspection and expressing what you see in the mirror when you look at yourself.

You can do this dynamic with your children, whether they are children or teenagers since the first years of life are a key stage to improve their self-concept.

Of course, before starting I recommend that you collect some prior information; To do this you will have to answer these questions that will clarify your opinion of yourself.

Once you have answered these questions, it will be time to look in the mirror.

How to put it into practice?

Stand in front of the mirror and answer these questions:

You must make the effort to see all the positive characteristics that the person you see in the mirror (you) has there are surely many, and this way you will learn to recognize them.

You may be impressed by how you mention positive personal characteristics that you perceive about yourself, and that you often do not recognize or value.

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It would also be good Also rely on the information that friends or family give about you: know if you agree with what they think of you, what things they see in you that you don’t take into account. With this technique you will be able to know what your image of yourself is, how you perceive yourself, what impression you think you give, and work on the most relevant aspects and enhance what you see as most positive.