What Is The Relationship Between Mirror Neurons And Learning?

What is the relationship between Mirror Neurons and Learning?

Mirror neurons are responsible for many people’s learning, so both concepts are closely related. What happens is that mirror neurons come into operation and act as a reflection of the behaviors of others.

What they do is that when they observe certain actions, the same neural connections are activated in your mind and it is as if you were doing the same thing that you just saw.

In this sense, Mirror neurons not only influence learning ability, but also others such as empathy, interaction, learning through observation, imitation, language development and communication. It affects many things in the human mind, so it is not surprising that it has become one of the greatest discoveries of recent decades. Let’s see more precisely how neurons influence learning.

How do mirror neurons impact learning?

The brain is an organ that is constantly learning. Thanks to the connections between neurons (synapses), it receives information in the form of a nervous impulse because what they do is transport it from one to another throughout the body. Sometimes there are neurons that are left out and not used. This tends to happen more often in adulthood.

In the first years of life, the neurons responsible for language acquisition are totally receptive to learning. This is the reason why it is more effective to learn languages ​​when children are younger. On the other hand, mirror neurons are not only activated when you see the behaviors of others, but also with emotions. For example, when someone smiles at you or you smile at someone, it spreads and you end up smiling.

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As you can see, mirror neurons have enormous power in others since they allow you to move into the other person’s mind during a communication process, generally non-verbal, that is, where there are no words, but gestures, behaviors. or emotions. And what would happen if there were no mirror neurons? Is that possible? Well, communication would be very difficult and people, of course, would not have empathy for each other. A person is able to understand another thanks to the existence of mirror neurons in the brain.

Examples of how these neurons work

Mirror neurons are called that because they act like when you look in the mirror. For example:

And this is what makes human beings social beings. Thanks to mirror neurons, you can live life in all its splendor, going through all the emotions, having empathy, helping others and learning to interpret the actions of others. Understand their behavior and make sense of it to see if they need your help. Although the concept of mirror neurons is recent (1996), the philosopher Hume already said it: “The minds of men are mirrors of each other.”