​When To Go To An Online Psychologist: 6 Common Problems

The technological changes of recent decades have modified the way people relate to each other and this also affects psychological therapy. With the click of a mouse or the touch of an application on our own smartphone, we can connect with a psychotherapist from anywhere at any time.

The possibilities of improving our well-being have increased and scientific studies affirm that online therapy provides a series of benefits compared to traditional therapy: more flexible schedule, lower cost and greater accessibility, comfort, intimacy…

Situations conducive to going to the online psychologist

Online therapy is suitable for all those people who wish to take advantage of the benefits of psychological treatment, but there are specific situations in which this type of therapy becomes an option that provides special advantages.

But… what are these situations? In the following lines I will detail them for you.

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1. When the patient travels a lot for work and it is practically impossible to make any appointment other than online

One of the advantages of remote psychological therapy is that it is possible to connect with a psychologist from wherever you are and whenever the patient needs it. Therefore, It is ideal for those people who, for different reasons, travel a lot and they want to have continuous contact with the same therapist.

Trust is essential in the therapist-patient relationship, and having contact with the same psychologist helps the person to open up more and tell what really worries them. There are situations in which a patient cannot go to a psychology center in person and continuously and, in this context, online psychotherapy becomes the best alternative to maintain adherence, achieve therapeutic objectives and achieve balance again. emotional.

2. When the patient suffers from agoraphobia and is at a point where he does not want to leave the house

Agoraphobia is a phobic disorder in which the person feels a great irrational fear of losing control in public spaces, but the fear is not produced by these spaces themselves, but by the consequences of being exposed to that place. This can lead to panic attacks and great discomfort.

Agoraphobia is disabling because the individual, to avoid finding themselves in the feared situation, can seclude themselves in their home. In these cases, the online psychologist can provide help to the patient so that you gradually overcome the disorder.

Although the therapy is remote, it is important to clarify that the online psychologist will propose presentations and therefore the patient will have to leave their home. However, they will have previously learned different coping strategies thanks to the online therapeutic sessions, and will be able to face feared situations successfully.

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3. When there is an injury and the patient needs support to overcome the trauma of that accident

Accidents (e.g. traffic, falls, etc.) can cause physical damage that requires recovery and rehabilitation time. This situation is not only painful due to the trauma itself, but on a psychological level it also has consequences and the person may feel down, sad and worried.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who, for example, must spend the recovery time in a hospital or at home, and in these circumstances, the help of a psychologist becomes essential to overcome this adverse scenario in the best possible way.

Psychological help is appropriate for any stage of recovery and rehabilitation, as it increases motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem, which can be harmed, even affecting the evolution of the injury or the recovery time.

4. When the patient is in areas that are difficult to access

The online psychologist is not only useful for those with reduced mobility or who suffer injuriesbut also for those individuals with difficulties getting around because they are in areas that are difficult to access.

The digital world has allowed the therapeutic relationship to be carried out from different parts of the world, even over long distances. Online psychology offers the possibility of carrying out therapy more comfortably and allows greater coverage and access.

5. When the patient has changed cities and still does not know anyone in his new city

Moving to a new city is one of the most stressful life events, especially if it occurs in a new country or culture, as it can take some time to get used to a new life.

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In this situation, the online psychologist can be a great ally to overcome moments of change, and is a perfect option to maintain emotional balance, especially if the person is going through a delicate moment and does not have family and friends nearby.

6 When it can make you uncomfortable

Although it should not be a matter of embarrassment, it is possible that some people will still feel a little uncomfortable. Online therapy is the best alternative for these patients.

With remote psychotherapy it is possible to receive psychological assistance from the privacy and comfort of home. Likewise, with the online psychologist you avoid travel and possible waits.

Where to go to the online psychologist?

If you are experiencing any of these situations that I have just explained and you feel that you need to talk to a psychologist to regain happiness and well-being or to overcome a problem that is affecting you, with TherapyChat it is possible.

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The treatment is individualized and, therefore, the therapist will analyze the situation with you and together you will set the objectives you want to achieve to start the improvement process. CITA.iO offers confidentiality, working with a security system in data transmission, so that the information remains between the therapist and the patient.

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