Why Do I Feel Different From Others? 5 Reasons And How To Deal With It

Why might we feel different or like we don’t fit in? Is it normal to feel this way or can it be a problem? Discover some of the causes behind this feeling and how to deal with it.

Why do I feel different from others?  5 Reasons and how to deal with it

Feeling accepted and understood by others is one of the main needs that people need to feel comfortable within a group. When we feel that we don’t fit in, or we are different, this can cause us discomfort. Especially if this feeling is present in many of our daily social situations. But why can we feel this way?

Being different from the rest: reality or fiction?

He feeling of difference It usually arises during childhood. It is during the first years of our lives when we learn to bond with others, through the relationship we have with our family or at school. Therefore, when a person feels alone during the first years of their life, this can end up generating this feeling of difference.

In fact, in reality, people are much more similar than we think to each other. Even if we consider ourselves eccentric, strange or different, it is very likely that you share many more similarities with others than differences.

Therefore, this feeling is usually linked to our childhood experiences, not because let’s be different. In many cases, the problem is that when we feel this way, we are very likely to act accordingly, which ends up affecting us and increasing this feeling.

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When can we feel different?

A person can have this feeling of difference or lack of belonging due to the following:

  • Feeling that you stand out in social situations: This feeling may involve believing that everyone is watching you or that you are the center of attention.
  • Feeling of loneliness: The feeling of being different can also be because you don’t know how to connect with others. In fact, this feeling can also be related to you becoming self-conscious and feeling worse.
  • You avoid social situations: In many cases, feeling uncomfortable with others can cause you to end up avoiding any social situation at all costs.
  • You use alcohol and other substances to connect: Some people who feel different may end up using substances to try to connect more with others.
  • You use masks to connect: Some people may put aside their authenticity to connect with others.

These are some of the signs that may indicate that you you are feeling different from others.

Why do I feel different?

Sometimes this feeling of difference It may be linked to a mental health problem. Some of the most common disorders or difficulties that can make a person feel different from the rest are the following:

  1. Depression: When a person suffers from a depressive disorder, they may suffer from a depressed mood, as well as experience sleep disturbances, fatigue, and feel like they do not have enough concentration. In this way, depression ends up making people have difficulties in certain social activities and even feel that others reject them.
  2. Social anxiety: Social phobia is an anxiety disorder that can affect our relationships with others. Those who suffer from this disorder may end up believing that those around them are judging them, which creates insecurity in social events.
  3. Obsessive compulsive disorder: This disorder causes people to have the need to repeat certain behaviors in a way that ends up affecting their daily routine. In these cases, they may also see their social life affected and feel different because of it.
  4. Autism: Undetected autism can cause people to feel that they are different from others due to certain behaviors common to the condition.
  5. High capacities: High abilities can also make people feel different. This is because they may be more sensitive to certain topics or want to delve deeper into certain topics.
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If you think that you are different Due to these conditions or disorders, it is important that you go to a professional psychologist to understand and deal with it properly.

How to deal with the feeling of difference?

How to deal with the feeling of difference?

Yeah you feel like you don’t fit init is important that you keep the following in mind:

  • Accept yourself as you are: No one can be liked by everyone, so instead of beating yourself up for not fitting into certain places, try to accept yourself for your unique qualities.
  • Find your group: The best way to stop feeling different is to look for people who share your same interests. By attending a class about something you like, it will help you realize that there are many people with the same interests as you.
  • Set limits: If someone is treating you in a way that doesn’t make you feel good, let them know. In this way, you will be establishing limits that will help you be more comfortable in certain social situations.
  • Focus on your authenticity: To connect more with others, it is crucial that we know ourselves and, above all, that we embrace our authenticity. Being more natural, it is very easy for those people with whom we share more to approach us.
  • Go to therapy: If you feel that this ‘difference’ is affecting you, it is important that you go to a professional psychologist. This specialist will help you understand why you feel this way and establish strategies to deal with this discomfort.

We are all unique. But, even so, we are social beings who need to feel accepted within a group. Hence, to be different It can be both a way of understanding ourselves as authentic beings and a way of pointing out that perhaps we are suffering from problems connecting with others.

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